Socuéllamos and Tomelloso join forces not to open their municipal swimming pools this summer | Radio Azul SER La Mancha

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Most of the municipal swimming pools will not open this summer season, but others will. Here comes the problem, that those that open may have to receive people from other municipalities. For now, the municipalities of Socuéllamos, Tomelloso, Argamasilla de Alba and Cinco Casas have joined and, together, have signed a statement in which they say they will not open their pools definitely this summer.

They have made this decision, they say, out of “prudence” and because these towns should be “an example of responsibility.” The objective, according to these consistories, is avoid regrowth but those that are going to do so, why will they open? A few days ago at Hora 14 La Mancha we spoke with Santiago Lázaro, mayor of Campo de Criptana, a town that will open its pool this summer.

Lázaro assures that if everything is done with extreme caution can even help the conciliation the opening of the pools.

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