Sodas, alcohol : tax increases are l'study

Sodas, alcohol : tax increases are l'study


Is it better to tax alcohol more than 15 degrees, or sodas are packed with sugars ? While the budget 2018, social Security was presented this Wednesday by the Council of ministers, the members of the majority would like to amend that to increase the taxation of beverages abuse is harmful to health. With a few hesitations about the strategy to follow.

The herald of the taxes on soda

Olivier Véran, the general rapporteur of the draft law, is pushing a tax hike on sodas. The fight against obesity and the diabetes is the workhorse of the hospital practitioner. Under the previous majority, already an mp, he had campaigned for the prohibition of fountains to soda in the community. He wants to fight the sweet taste, by penalizing the drink the more sweet, but also those that make use of sweeteners that are deemed suspicious.

” existing taxes are low, with an impact that remains to be assessed “, explains the member of parliament of The Republic On (LREM). He did not wish to reap new revenues, but modulate the existing tax to penalize the drink the more sweet.

on Wednesday, during the hearing of the ministers Agnès Buzyn and Gérald Darmanin in the Committee on social affairs, Olivier Veran has held up a mini-bottle of mojito without alcohol, containing 13 grams of sugar for 100 ml : ” This is 5 pieces of sugar ! “ he explained – with the same level of taxation as sodas that contain 4 or 5 grams of sugar per 100 milliltres.

” Don’t tax the poor “

However, Agnès Buzyn had doubts : ” We’ll tax the poor “ she cautioned, referring to other methods of prevention, ” the health education or education for parenthood “. For a fee, behavioral pass the barrier of the constitutional Council, she pointed out, ” it is necessary that the market price is high “, which will not necessarily be the case.

The minister ” remains willing to discuss with the members, “ but the urgency in his eyes, it is the taxation of tobacco, because for the past twenty years, ” we have had only small increases, which had no impact “.

10 % more on alcohol

The government seems to be less packed by an increase in the tax on sodas, as another project is on the table, according to our information : higher taxes on alcohol more than 15 degrees, which could bring in 150 million euros (an increase of 10 % of the rights). He would not touch the wine and the beer, but all the same the pineaux and other muscats made in France.

This tax is an idea the government, which has hesitated until the last moment to include it in the budget 2018 social Security. She could enroll in the plan of prevention of the alcoholism that must present the minister of Health.

” The lights are orange on these measures ; the decision to go green will be taken later, “ explains to a government source. Olivier Véran can therefore fine-tune its project with other members of parliament, to convince the skeptics. Anyway, in the end, it will be necessary to choose, points to the same source : ” A priori, we cannot do both actions at the same time. “

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