Sofia Richie has opted for a new attractive image on Instagram on Instagram on November 5th, and her fans are wondering if she has improved her butt like the Kardashians.

Sofia Richie, 20, posted a very eye-catching photo on her Instagram page on November 5, and people ask if the model worked on her butt or not! The photo was an advertisement for the clothing company A'GACI. In the picture, Sofia is seen as a soft, gray one-piece is designed that contains some figure-flattering pants that show the backgrounds of beauty. "Make yourself comfortable in @ agaci_store #agaciGirl #Agacipartner #ad", Sofia has taken the photo.

It was not long before their fans noticed the difference, and they responded with various comments and asked Sofia about her butt. "Butt better?" Asked a trailer. "Looks like she did a cosmetic butt surgery," said another. "Your butt looks like Kardashian," wrote another follower. Since Kim Kardashian and some of her sisters are known to improve their backgrounds. It is easy to see why some Sofia would compare to the famous family members.

Another interesting point regarding Sofia, which heightened speculation, is the fact that she is currently Kourtney KardashianEx Scott Disick, 35. In fact, Sofia often drew attention by looking similar to Kourtney and other KarJenners. Now that her butt looks fuller, it only adds to the similarities! We are not sure if Sofia has actually made something behind or if the pants fit in their last picture, but it is interesting to speculate!

Sofia Richie
Backgrid / Courtesy of Instagram

We will be updated as more images or information become available from Sofia's new look. Whether she has done a job or not, we must admit that she looks better than ever!


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