Sofitex is recruiting its future executives, engineers, technicians and Operators in Strasbourg on October 15th!

Sofitex is a network of employment agencies specializing in temporary work and CDD / CDI recruitment, which offers numerous job offers throughout the year in the Grand Est, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland through its various agencies and recruitment firms. Today we interview Morgane BARRE, Manager at Sofitex Strasbourg and Sofitex Experts Strasbourg on the main activities of its agencies specializing in recruitment for the Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnologies and medical devices. A technically fascinating sector of activity, in full development and which continues to recruit!

If you are looking for a new professional opportunity in Strasbourg, come and meet Morgane and her team on October 15 at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès during the large recruitment fair Moovijob Day Strasbourg !

Hello Morgane 😊 Your agencies are specialized in the recruitment of professions for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnologies as well as the medical device, can you tell us a little more about your activities and the profiles you are recruiting?

Hello Moovijob! Hello everyone ! Yes indeed I support the development of two agencies in Strasbourg which have as a common thread the recruitment for the Life Sciences sector.

My two agencies are complementary in their activities. One (Sofitex PEI) is interested in recruiting Operator level profiles in production or logistics.

The firm (Sofitex Experts) is positioned on the recruitment of profiles from Technicians to Engineers / Executives for missions related to production, quality, R&D, supply chain as well as support functions.

My employees, passionate about their missions, are specialized by business lines and recruit both temporary and permanent profiles.

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Some of our clients are outside the scope of Life Sciences but we support them with the same attention and the same pleasure 🙂

What is the current state of the labor market in these sectors, in your opinion?

The Life Sciences sector continues to grow. There is a strong stake and of public utility on these activities at the moment, the health crisis which we are going through is the perfect example.

For us, the problem is to meet the demand of our customers in a competitive sector which undoubtedly lacks profile. It is as complicated today to recruit an Operator as a Technician or an Engineer. We are all facing a shortage of candidates on the market today.

We need to be more creative and persuasive to recruit the right people!

How do you respond to the professional demands and desires of the candidates who come to meet you in your agencies in Strasbourg?

The proximity and responsiveness that we have with our candidates: this is our line of conduct!

We systematically receive all of our candidates for interviews and try to best target their expectations, both personal and professional. The specialization of our assignments allows us to technically understand the backgrounds of our candidates and to present them with suitable assignment offers. It is not simply a question of offering them a position but also of guiding them in interview techniques, of following them throughout the entire process from recruitment to their integration and monitoring of their delegation.

What a pleasure when these same candidates come back to us years later for a new professional project. We then have the feeling that we have more than a recruiter role but rather an advisory and support role!

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I think our candidates feel good with us and feel that our team is united and happy. It’s important for them too …

Sofitex recently launched a new mobile application, what will it bring more to the people registered in your agency?

My Sofitex: it saves time for our candidates and our temporary staff! They will be able to view and apply for offers in one click! Administrative procedures are also simplified. We are in their pockets everywhere 🙂

This application is essential, do not hesitate to download it!