Software-update: Everything – Computer – Downloads

Version 1.5 is available as alpha (not beta, so). New features are added or expanded almost daily.
You can count on version 1.5 to have the alpha status for at least another year, more likely a year and a half.
(source: am admin on the Everything forum and “talk to” the developer very regularly)

That said, the current version is already very stable. After the first week after introduction, hardly any bugs are reported and what is reported – usually concerning exotic setups – is fixed very quickly (think in hours, not days).

I am completely over to 1.5. Totally hassle free. The hundreds of new features also work without issues.
(1.4 I still have on the system to answer forum questions)

Version 1.5 also has the ability to index file contents. This is then stored in the database. As a result, searching for text also yields instant results. Ok this is amazingly fast.
The disadvantage is that the entire database is loaded into the memory (RAM). So indexing 10GB of PDFs/Office documents/code/… will cause problems with 4GB of RAM….
So you have to think carefully about which files you index by content.
Everything 1.5 also has the ability to query the Windows Indexing database using the si: search function.
So if you let Windows Indexing index the rest of the file contents – that database is stored “on disk”, you have the best of both worlds.

Another alternative is dnGrep. This one can use Everything to find the filenames very quickly and search them for content (not indexed, by the way).