Software update for another group of 4K UltraBox + set-top boxes

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Currently, it is not known when the software update will go to all 4K UltraBox + set-top boxes from ADB. It is possible that this will happen in April this year.

The update to the 4K UltraBox + set-top box by ADB will be downloaded automatically. Now, after connecting the set-top box to the Internet, it will be possible to access programs, series and movies at any time.

The new software for the 4K UltraBox + set-top box is based on the ADB graphyne platform. The interface is similar to that in the decoders of the French CANAL + platform.

List of the most important changes – new software for 4K UltraBox +:

  • CANAL+ online instead of nc + GO.
  • Backward EPG – the ability to watch content on selected channels up to 8 hours back (catch-up TV).
  • Start Over – the ability to play the program from the beginning (on selected channels), without the need to first record it to disk.
  • List of favorite channels with the possibility of broadcasting own numbering.
  • Change channel view – now the channel name and number will be displayed in the center of the screen.
  • Possibility to use the set-top box without the antenna cable connected (the set-top box connected to the Internet skips the activation screen).
  • Converting the existing categories in the EPG into the following categories: series, movies, sports, documentaries, lifestyle and kids.
  • Simplification of the menu – after selecting Settings, the most important options are displayed on the first screen.
  • Refreshing the appearance of the information bar, OPT and other options.
  • Transfer TV Bill to the Applications tab.
  • Possibility to order movies from a VOD rental company at the touch of a button VOD button.
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Let us recall that the previous group of set-top boxes received new software in mid-March this year, while the first updates took place in December last year.

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