Software-update: Ubuntu 21.10 – Computer – Downloads

I see Ubuntu more as an easy/accessible widely supported Linux distro.

Exactly, more something for beginners and switchers who do not want to delve further into it.

However, the fact that you have to install the new distro every 6 months if you want to keep up (or if you use the LTS version, a little less often) is a big disadvantage in my opinion. You often have to reinstall apps that you installed yourself after the upgrade, and I always have a lot of them (and I always had to throw a lot away). Linux Mint even advises against upgrading your system and always advises to do a fresh installation (and then you should always backup and restore your home folder). There is a function via Debian to update your distro on-to-spot, but that does not seem to be 100% reliable in Ubuntu.

With a rolling release you don’t have that, although you may want to update very conservatively if you can’t afford downtime, e.g. because it’s your primary work computer. In that case, in addition to Gentoo and Arch, there are also a few interesting options, such as Manjaro, EndeavorOS, Garuda Linux, GhostBSD, Funtoo, Source Mage, Calculate Linux, …)

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