Soko Donau: Cross-murder puzzle from June 28th, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

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Cross murder mystery

A confused man confesses to a murder that has put another in prison for years. Right at the beginning of his tenure, neo-“Soko Donau” cop Martin Gruber is confronted with a challenging “cruciate mystery”: A schizophrenic man confesses to murder years ago, for which another man was convicted.
Co-production Satel/ORF/ZDF
Leading actors: Andreas Kiendl (Klaus Lechner), Martin Gruber (Max Herzog), Lilian Klebow (Penny Lanz), Brigitte Kren (Henriette Wolf), Maria Happel (Dr. Franziska Beck), Helmut Bohatsch (Franz Wohlfahrt)
Director: Sophie Allet-Coche
Screenplay: Michael Griessler
Actors: Paul Matic (Dr. Seiler), Markus Freistätter (Louis Mahrer), Emanuel Fellmer (Andreas Drassl), Sonja Romei (Cornelia Grill), Angelika Strahser (Nina Mitteregger), Martin Muliar (Werner Arndorfer), Heidelinde Pfaffenbichler (Laura Mahrer )