“Solana Labs” pristat kriptovaliut mgjams skirt telefon “Saga”

Photo by Rafaelio Henrique (Zuma Press Wire / Sopa Images / Scanpix)

Solana Labs, a company founded in Ukraine, has developed and developed the block chain platform and cryptocurrency Solana, and introduced the Saga phone in New York on Friday. Its main distinction should be the support of decentralized financial, non-exchangeable (NFT) and other bloc-chain technologies.

The saga, according to Solana Labs, will be the highest-end Android phone with solid settings. The Imanus will run on the latest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor and a 50 MP main camera and will have a 120 Hz video update.

the event will feature a 6.67-inch streamlined OLED display, 512GB of internal and 12GB of RAM.

However, the biggest difference in the phone, according to Solana Labs, should not be the technical data, but the ability to perform cryptocurrency-related transactions through the mobile phone’s applications, not through the network, according to

Now many cryptocurrency programs on phones have limited functionality or have very sophisticated user interfaces.

Solana Labs on Sunday also announced the launch of the Solana Mobile Stack open source software suite, which will allow the development of decentralized Solana blockchain apps on the Android platform.

Iman’s phone was made by US start-up Osom and was going to be released under the name OV1, but it decided to work with the Solana block chain.

For those who have ordered in advance, the phone will be delivered in 2023. in the second half, the price of the event will reach about $ 1,000.

Saga phone visualization. Company photo

The Solana block chain is one of the most popular competitors for the ether platform. Transactions on its network can be done much faster and cheaper, but Solana’s network is criticized for its disruption. He has been disrupted 5 times in the last year.

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