Solar storm blows into the world After the phenomenon, 5 planets aligned in the same line.

29 June 2022

image source, Getty Images

Website reported that on Saturday, June 25, past. A solar storm suddenly blew into the world. The kind that scientists couldn’t have predicted before. This solar storm occurred after five planets were aligned. and the giant sunspot expands rapidly.

Scientists who tracked such movements of the Sun stated that A solar storm occurs slightly before midnight. Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, and continues on June 26 for most of the day. with a maximum solar wind speed of 2.52 million km/h, but no impact has been reported on the telecommunication system or the power distribution system.

Experts classify the solar storm as a class G1, meaning storms that could cause minor disturbances to the world’s power, satellite and telecommunication systems. It can also interfere with navigation or direction for some migrant animals.

However, G1 solar storms produce unusually powerful and noticeable northern lights or aurora. This time, an amateur astrophotographer in Calgary, Canada, was able to capture the aurora from the June 26 solar storm.

This unexpected solar storm Corresponds to the time when the phenomenon of the planets, 5 planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, align in the same line in order of distance from the sun. It is a rare astronomical phenomenon that hasn’t happened in 18 years and will happen again in 2040.

Scientists still don’t know the cause of the latest solar storms, but a 2019 study published in the journal Solar Physics suggested that the cause of these recent solar storms is unknown. The alignment of the satellite planets can cause powerful gravitational forces. This will result in the turbulence of the Sun’s atmosphere. and the highest level of energy eruption occurs every 11.7 years, which coincides with the cycle of “Solar Cycle”

The Great Dark Spot doubles in size on June 20. Image courtesy of Malaysia's Langkawi National Astronomical Observatory (LNO).

image source, MYSA / MOSTI


The Great Dark Spot doubles in size on June 20. Image courtesy of Malaysia’s Langkawi National Astronomical Observatory (LNO).

Less than a week before the last solar storm AR3038 sunspot has been found rapidly expanding in size to 2.5 times the size of Earth in just 24 hours, suggesting a highly energetic emission of the coronal mass (CME), a highly charged hot plasma or gas. from the outer atmosphere of the sun in a direction that is likely to be directed towards Earth and inflicts massive damage.

Fortunately, later The position of the dark spot has moved due to the rotation of the Sun. Scientists expect solar storms that hit the Earth this latest. Most likely from a region known as the Co-rotating Interaction Region (CIR), or the point of change in the velocity of the solar wind. rather than a direct eruption of energy from a giant dark spot. This may or may not be related to this solar storm.