sold out Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Moments prior to the start of the MIR exam.

Start the last week of assignment MIR 2022which will end this Friday, May 20, and it does so by exhausting only one specialty, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In this Monday’s session, in which it was the turn of the order numbers 6,401 to 6,800 of the Medicine degreethe last applicant who has chosen this specialty has been the one who had the order number 6,662which will be held in General Hospital La Mancha Centerlocated in Alcázar de San Juan.

The first place of the 133 that was offered in the MIR 2022 was given to the applicant with order number 1,132. Total There are already 29 specialties that have exhausted their MIR places available, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, on the day of May 16.

In the session this Sunday the places of four specialties were exhausted: Nephrology, Pulmonology, Intensive Care Medicine and Hematology and Hemotherapy, so only 16 specialties remain available. Also, yesterday’s closed the quota of places for non-community citizens. The last non-EU person who was able to choose one of the 327 available places that were offered in this MIR chose the specialty of Allergology at the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia.

For now, the specialties that have sold outin addition to the five already mentioned, are: Anesthesiology and ResuscitationAngiology and Vascular Surgery, Digestive systemCardiology, heart surgeryGeneral and Digestive System Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery and TraumatologyPediatric Surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Medical-Surgical DermatologyEndocrinology, Nutrition, Medical Oncology and Rheumatology.

They complete the list of the 29 specialties whose quota has been covered in this award Legal and Forensic MedicineNeurosurgery, Neurology, Obstetrics and GynecologyOphthalmology, Medical OncologyOtorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics and Specific AreasRadiodiagnosis, Rheumatology and Urology.

Two specialties with 99% of places covered

The last applicant to be able to choose a place in this Monday’s session, with order number 6,800, has chosen the specialty of Family and Community Medicine in the Multiprofessional Teaching Unit of Family and Community Care of A Coruña Primary Care.

For its part, there are two specialties with 99 percent of places covered and they could be the next two to sell out all their seats. Is about Internal Medicinewith 401 places offered and only four vacancies, and Psychiatry, with 296 places offered and only three vacancies. The other specialties that register a percentage of places awarded higher than 90 percent are Allergology y Radiation Oncology.

Total 77 percent of the award has already been awarded of MIR places 2022, so 1,908 vacancies remain. In this Medicine shift, 291 applications for places have been made, out of the 354 applicants summoned to the session, since there are 44 candidates in this session who opted for the quota of non-EU citizens, quota that was exhausted in the previous session. There were two people who chose in a previous session, there were no appeal resources and seven applicants belonged to the turn of people with disabilities.

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