Soldier Shot and Robbed of Merchandise and Truck in San Martin Neighborhood of Ciudad

A soldier was shot this Monday afternoon when he went to sell oil drums at the San Martin neighborhood of Ciudad. The victim was robbed of the merchandise, a 9 mm caliber pistol and a truck. Part of what was stolen was recovered after a search and a suspect was arrested.

The police information maintains that it all began minutes before 4:00 p.m. when Carlos Eduardo Cavieri37, went aboard a Ford Ranger to an address on block B of the aforementioned complex on the west of Capital, where agreed to sell oil drums through Facebook.

Upon arrival, he was surprised by two criminals, one of whom threatened him with a firearm. Faced with the military’s resistance, he shot him in the left leg.

In that way, They reduced it and fled with the truck, 70 oil drums and a backpack that had the 9 mm pistol inside.detailed the sources.

Staff from the Capital Departmental Headquarters went to the place after being alerted to the incident and interviewed the victim, who provided them with precise information on the physical characteristics and clothing of the perpetrators.

Through a patrol through the sweep, the troops detected the stolen vehicle near the intersection of Planchón and Cristo Redentor streets, inside a house on block 1.

There, a suspect was arrested and inside the property they seized a bulletproof vest, a 22 caliber carbine with a telescopic sight, a revolver, a pistol with the serial number filed down and a box of ammunition.

A tax assistant on duty from the Tax Office No. 2 arranged for me to work on the scene Scientific police and that the hands and clothes of the apprehended be preserved to practice the electronic sweep, in order to determine if he was the author of the shot against the victim.

Likewise, they worked on the personal fact of the Robbery and Theft Division and the Capital Departmental Investigative Unit (UID), of Investigations.

2023-05-30 05:50:32

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