soldiers accused of participating in the assault deny their involvement

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Soldiers Idrissa Sawadogo and Nabonswendé Ouedraogo, experienced in commando techniques, were members of Blaise Compaoré’s close security since 1983. Quoted by one of the drivers of the vehicles used on the day of the coup, they are accused of having participated in the assault on President Thomas Sankara and his collaborators. Even if they admit having been on the site of the Council of the Entente on the day of the coup, they reject any participation in the attack.

With our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Nabonswendé Ouedraogo was on the Council of the Entente on the day of the attack. He said that Hyacinthe Kafando was at his foot on the ground and that it was a few minutes after his departure with a group of soldiers, all members of Blaise Compaoré’s close guard, that the shots erupted.

As for Idrissa Sawadogo, he claims to have arrived on the scene after the shots, because being stationed at Blaise Compaoré’s home on the instruction of Hyacinthe Kafando.

For Maître Jean-Patrice Yameogo, of the civil party, their story contains many inconsistencies. “ Did they or did they not participate in the coup? They seem to say that “yes, we were at the Council of Understanding on the 15th, but we did not participate in the realization of this coup d’état”. We want to go to the end, because the file still has many nice surprises in store for us. »

Master Zaliatou Aouba defends the soldier Idrissa Sawadogo. She assures us that her client has remained constant in her account of the events of the day of October 15, 1987. “ He is very consistent in his statements. Since 2016, it is the same statements he made before the investigating judge, namely that he was not at the scene of what happened on October 15, because he had been assigned to another post by his manager. »

During his hearing, the accused Idrissa Sawadogo described his leader, Chief Warrant Officer Hyacinthe Kafando as a dangerous, nasty man who was tough on his men. ” Everyone was afraid of him and we didn’t discuss his orders », He hammered.

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