Soldiers are missing from the front. Russia also deploys men over the age of 40, Ukraine territorial defense – CT24 – Czech Television

Only a week ago, Donetsk militants fighting on the Russian side fought in Mariupol, and the commanders immediately sent them back to the front to represent the fallen. At least some fighters reject such a mission. “We have been fighting for the liberation of Mariupol for three months. He is liberated now, but we do not want to be food for cannons, “says a soldier from the 107th Rifle Regiment.

Another Donetsk regiment deployed in Mariupol allegedly received a similar order. They claim that forty percent of the men have already lost, and the rest are begging them not to have to go to the Luhansk front. “Soldiers of the 3rd Rifle Battalion, 105th Rifle Regiment are mentally and physically exhausted. This complicates the performance of other combat missions, “describes one of the men.

After three months of war, the human strength is already lacking in the defenders. At the beginning of May, the Ukrainian parliament approved that members of the territorial defense – men and women with minimal military training – should go to the toughest fights. Originally, they only had to protect the surroundings of their cities. Some freshly prepared soldiers openly claim that they were given the wrong weapons and that the commanders sacrificed them.

According to President Zelenský’s adviser, the Ukrainian army is holding on bravely and lacks mainly the promised Western weapons. But he also admits that it will be necessary to prepare more women and men to fight.

“The Russian army has managed to gather its midfielders before we do. They did it at a very accelerated pace and used all the options they had, “explains Ukrainian President Oleksiy Arestovych, a security adviser to Ukrainian President. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is mobilizing covertly and is asking two hundred volunteers from all federal districts each week. It attracts them to 130 to 200 thousand rubles a month.

Despite Russian reinforcements, however, Kyiv believes that it will be able to repel the enemy and drive it back. He reiterates that Ukrainian soldiers will always have better motivation to fight than the salaries and threats of commanders.