SOLID | Tomaselli Gabriel expands management

The two long-standing employees will take on managerial positions at the Walgau construction company with immediate effect and support managing directors Philipp Tomaselli and Barbara Gabriel-Tomaselli.

“We want to use the diverse possibilities and opportunities of the market and also be able to react quickly and flexibly outside of day-to-day business. We are able to do this with contemporary structures and direct channels,” says Managing Director Philipp Tomaselli, explaining the broader composition of the management level. The two long-standing employees Sebastian Luger (34) and Christof Jochum (42) are new to the management board. As members of the management team, you will coordinate the now ten-strong management team together with the management and share the various areas of responsibility at Tomaselli Gabriel Bau. “The elimination of the divisional level and the switch to a flat team structure create a sustainable organizational structure,” says Tomaselli.

In addition to the administrative areas, this includes civil engineering, building construction/industrial construction, general contracting, building construction/conversion/service, real estate, investments and raw materials. In the future, Luger will be responsible for acquisitions and all construction issues, while Jochum will be responsible for finance, quality management and IT. “Sebastian Luger and Christof Jochum are very familiar with the company. They will contribute their expertise even more in the future. With this and combined with a flat team structure, we are preparing for a successful future,” explains Philipp Tomaselli.