Solidarity in Granada: ‘Eating cannot be a luxury’ motto of the Great Food Collection 2022

A group of schoolchildren classify food in a campaign of previous editions. / Alfredo Aguilar

The Food Bank of Granada launches its annual campaign, which begins this Friday, November 25 in stores and supermarkets, and on Sunday 27 for online donations

Javier F. Barrera

‘Eating cannot be a luxury’. With this strong motto, the Food Bank of Granada launches its annual campaign, the Great Food Collection. This year, it has a more pressing component if possible. “Donations are very necessary this year with the rise in the price of food and energy, and with many more families that do not make it to the end of the month,” they explain.

“We are especially grateful for the always disinterested involvement of its main driving force: volunteers and donors”

Grenada Food Bank

This campaign, already a Christmas classic, is organized by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, together with the 54 associated Food Banks, among which is the Food Bank of Granada.

The date on which you can start donating food in stores and supermarkets is this Friday, November 25. Is there any news. For example, there are different donation channels. In addition to the on-site donation in non-perishable basic food stores and supermarkets, you can also make a financial contribution at the cash register, adding it to the purchase receipt.

In the same way, you can donate through the internet. You can donate on the web or at

Interested persons may make a transfer, a Bizum to the code 00545 or a donation through the virtual POS on the website. The enabled accounts are:

Caixabank: ES59 2100 2102 2802 0044 5975.

Rural Bank of Granada: ES67 3023 0118 0858 4525 7509

Cover basic needs

All donations from the Great Food Collection, whether physical or monetary, are used to cover the basic food needs of the most disadvantaged individuals and families in Spain.

The Food Bank has the support of volunteers who, identified with the Food Bank overalls, will inform customers on how to make their donation to buy food and will help them if necessary. The affiliated stores will have billboards, public address systems and other means of dissemination.

All donations, whether in a store, on the web or in a bank, give the right to a deduction. The document accrediting it may be requested for the corresponding tax deduction.

The funds from all the collection of the campaign will go entirely to the purchase of the most necessary food, always in the chain or store in which the customer has made their purchase or donation.