Solidarity Income: What will happen to beneficiaries who had payments rejected in August?

Income Solidario is one of the programs developed by the National Government during the health emergency to financially support households in conditions of poverty and vulnerability that are not part of Familias en Acción, Jóvenes en Acción or Colombia Mayor.

This program that is run by the Department of Social Prosperity delivers $ 160,000 monthly to the beneficiaries and the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, confirmed that it will run until the middle of next year.

To receive this economic incentive it is not necessary to make any type of registration, since the National Planning Department (previously in charge) and now Social Prosperity selected the beneficiaries through the crossing of databases of Sisbén, Ministry of Finance and Health. On the Ingreso Solidario website You can check if you are a beneficiary by entering basic information such as name, surname, identification number and date of issue of the identity document.

What about those who did not receive the August draft?

The DPS reported through its official Twitter account that more than 100,000 beneficiaries had problems withdrawing resources corresponding to the fourth turn of the month of August, so it recommends do not change registered phone numbers or bank accounts or digital products associated with this payment.

“During the month of August, we made the payment of the incentive to 2.9 million households. But more than 100,000 had problems with the transfer made by the banking entities. To these families We will reassign a bank or deliver the resources through the cash transfer or cash pickup modality“, says Social Prosperity.

Until when does the fifth turn go?

“The fifth installment of incentives of the Ingreso Solidario program It also started this September 1 and runs until the last day of the month. Resources will be provided to 3 million households, with an investment of $ 480,000 million“The DPS reported on its official Twitter account.

In turn, the entity reported that During this month the payment will begin in a gradual and staggered manner of the sixth payment of Solidarity Income through payments to accounts for bank beneficiaries and through cash transfers or withdrawals at the window for the unbanked.

Process to receive payment

As in the previous stages, the beneficiaries They will be notified via text message of the moment in which they can have the resources. If it is an unbanked person, the message will include instructions for opening a digital product associated with the program or there is the option of payment by transfer.

For the latter case, the DPS added: “The beneficiaries selected by Prosperidad Social to deliver the resources by Banco Caja Social and who do not have a financial product or are not banked, They will be able to claim the money through the money transfer method through the Reval-Multipagas points“.

All against the coronavirus

By following these recommendations, we prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our country: 1. Wash your hands frequently, 2. Do not greet people with kisses or handshakes, 3. If you cough, cover your mouth with a bent elbow or a tissue, 4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and the mouth, 5. If you have a fever or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention, but call line 123 first, 6. Follow the instructions of local and national authorities.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health developed an application for the cell phone that allows you to follow what is happening with COVID-19 in the country. CoronaApp is available for free for download on Android and iOS devices.

And remember, stay home!

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