Solo Anyangcheon is filling up… Civil servant leaving the door open

In the midst of heavy rain on the evening of the 8th, the floodgates of Anyangcheon Stream are left open. Open watertight door in red circle. Provided by the informant

Even in heavy rain, the floodgates of Anyangcheon Stream were opened until the morning of the next day, increasing damage to neighboring apartments and shopping malls. It is pointed out that the flood damage could have been reduced if Anyang City had closed the watertight door in time. Anyang City Hall admitted that the watertight door was open, saying, “It is true that it was closed late.”

Combining the coverage of the Korea Economic Daily on the 11th, it was revealed that the Anyangcheon water gates near Anyang Bisan-dong, Anyang-dong and Hogye-dong were left unattended at the time of heavy rain on the evening of the 8th. The flow of Anyangcheon Stream, which increased rapidly, passed through the floodgates opened on both sides and poured into Bisan-dong, Anyang-dong, and Hogye-dong. Roads, as well as nearby officetels and apartments, were flooded.

Mo Jo, the owner of an apartment building in Hogye-dong, said, “The watertight door was left open until night, so I suffered enormous damage.” “The watertight door remained open until the next day.” closed by

There are a total of 18 water gates in Anyangcheon, Gyeonggi-do. The watertight door is managed by the ward office, and in situations such as heavy rain, the watertight door opening and closing work is to be done directly by the city office staff. An official from Anyang City Hall on that day said, “The city has to check and judge whether the watertight door is open or closed, but it is true that the watertight door was closed late during this heavy rain.” came in,” he said.

A river overflowing the driveway due to the opening of the waterproof door.  provided by readers

A river overflowing the driveway due to the opening of the waterproof door. provided by readers

In an officetel near Anyangcheon, located in Hogye-dong, Anyang-si, the Internet and TV were cut off due to flooding, and the elevator was stopped. The resident complained of inconvenience, saying, “Even the elderly and the infirm are using the stairs.” When the heavy rain started on the 9th, the first floor of the officetel was filled with water. An apartment in Bisan-dong is right in front of Anyangcheon. The apartment was hit directly by the opening of the floodgates, and more than 100 vehicles were flooded and the entire apartment was cut off due to a transformer failure.

The inundation worsened due to the city’s negligence, but the local government said it could not provide compensation. Mr. Cho heard from the district office that “flooding in the underground parking lot is excluded from compensation, and compensation for flooding in the apartment is not possible due to regulations.” He said, “If the public officials closed the waterproof door properly, this would not have happened,” he said.

Reporter Jang Kang-ho [email protected]