[Solved] Why is Snapchat not downloading on my iPhone?

Daily streaking, connecting with friends on the go, and trying out fantastic selfie filters is a different kind of fun. Yes, we are talking about Snapchat.

Also, your iPhone camera hardware paired with Snapchat can give you excellent super-sharp frames on photos and beautify them. But what if you try to download Snapchat on your iPhone but you can’t?

Well, that would make you think, why won’t Snapchat download on my iPhone? We’ve got you all covered. Also, we will help you solve the problem.

Why is Snapchat not downloading on my iPhone?

There are many reasons why Snapchat won’t download on iPhone error.

Below is a list of the same:

Too many apps, background processes, or a large portion of the App Store cache become problematic. Moreover, even temporary problems lead to the problem.

  • Unstable internet connection

An unstable internet connection makes it difficult to download Snapchat from the App Store. Your iPhone will not have robust internet connectivity or there will be an issue with your ISP.

When the maximum storage space of your iPhone is full, you will not be able to add new apps like Snapchat.

  • Content and Privacy Restrictions

Content restriction and privacy settings on iPhone prevent you from downloading apps. This mostly involves social media apps. Thus, you will not be able to download Snapchat.

  • Problems with payment method

The App Store requires a payment method to download apps. Even for free apps, you should have an updated payment method. Otherwise, it can be problematic to download apps.

Outdated software cannot work well with the software leading to Snapchat download problems. Also, if the firmware is corrupted, this can also lead to a problem.

Incorrect settings on your iPhone can lead to Snapchat download problem. It can be difficult to determine the exact culprit of the error; therefore, the default settings work.

Despite the causes, you can quickly troubleshoot it on your side.

How do I fix if Snapchat won’t download on my iPhone?

There are several reasons why Snapchat not downloading errors on iPhones. Therefore, follow each solution until you find the right one for you.

Method 1: Restart your iPhone

Too much cache and temporary glitches explain Snapchat download problem on iPhone. Therefore, the simple and only solution is to restart your device.

It clears the cache of all applications and eliminates temporary problems. Thus, you would solve the problem if it was the cause.

Method 2: Repair your Internet connection

Another reason for Snapchat not downloading on iPhone is poor internet connection. Even after a reboot, if it persists, you should perform a speed test like OOKLA’s by visiting the link.

If the test shows low speed, a quick fix might help. Put your iPhone in airplane mode and wait a bit. Then, turn off Airplane Mode and your iPhone will restore your internet connection. Thus, it boosts the internet connection.

Speed ​​Test - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhoneSpeed ​​Test - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhoneSpeed ​​Test - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhone
Internet Speed ​​Test with Ookla

Also, if you are using WiFi, restart your router instead of using airplane mode. Thus, this will solve the problem if a poor internet connection is the cause. But if it persists, the problem may be something else.

Method 3: Check iPhone Storage

When your iPhone runs out of storage, it won’t be able to make room for new apps. Therefore, you need to check the storage space if this may be the case.

Follow the steps below to check iPhone storage:

  • Open iPhone Settings and go to General.
  • Tap iPhone Storage.

If you find iPhone storage space is low, free up some space and try downloading Snapchat again.

Method 4: Check content and privacy restrictions during Screen Time

The iPhone has a content restriction and privacy feature. It is mainly up to parents to control the use of devices by children.

If you haven’t enabled this feature, it’s also possible that you accidentally enabled it. This causes Snapchat not downloading on iPhones issue.

Also, even if you want to use the feature and don’t want it to prevent you from downloading apps, there is a workaround.

Follow the steps below to disable content and privacy restrictions on iPhone:

  • Go to iPhone Settings and go to Screen Time.
  • Select Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • If you see a toggle on Content and privacy restrictions, tap to turn it off.

Also, if you don’t want to disable the feature and then download the app, here’s how!

Grant permissions to iTunes and App Store

  • Open Screen Time in iPhone Settings.
  • Go to iTunes and App Store Purchases.
  • Tap to select Allow if it has been set to Don’t Allow.

Now download the app again and you won’t face any problem. But if it was already set to Allow, there may be a problem with your payment method.

Method 5: Check your payment method on iPhone

Undoubtedly, Snapchat app is free to download, but the app store verifies your payment information. This prevents you from downloading if you haven’t updated your payment method or are missing it. This does not mean that the App Store will charge you for Snapchat.

Here’s how to check your payment method on your iPhone:

  • Go to App Store and click on your profile icon on the right.
  • Tap the name to open Apple ID and select Manage Payments.
  • Tap the payment method you have set and check its details; if you need to update, do it.
  • Also, if the payment method is not accessible now, add another payment method.

Now close the App Store and restart your iPhone to fix the problem. However, if the payment method has been updated, the following may help.

Method 6: Perform software update on iPhone

Outdated firmware makes it problematic and leads to performance issues like Snapchat won’t download on your iPhone. The reason may be software bugs or it has been corrupted. Therefore, software upgrade is the key solution here.

Follow the steps below to update the software on your iPhone:

  • Head over to iPhone Settings and tap on General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • The iPhone will now check for available updates and prompt you to install them if any.
iPhone Software Update - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhoneiPhone Software Update - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhoneiPhone Software Update - Why Won't Snapchat Download on My iPhone

After downloading an update, it will install and you will need to configure the update. Now check by downloading Snapchat.

Method 7: Reset iPhone settings to default

Wrong or corrupted network settings are also preventing Snapchat from working on your iPhone problem. Therefore, you need to reset them to default to troubleshoot them.

Follow the steps below to reset iPhone settings to default:

  • Open iPhone Settings and tap on General.
  • Select Transfer or Reset iPhone and tap Reset.
  • Now tap on Reset All Settings, and in the next pop-up window, select Reset All Settings to continue.

This will not erase any of your data but will reset all settings to default. Also, if you added paid cards, dictionary settings, WiFi passwords, etc., you will need to add them again.

Luckily, this will also fix Snapchat not downloading on iPhone issue.

Method 8: Report it to Apple and Snapchat

If none of the above solutions help, the last resort is to contact Apple and Snapchat support team. Contact Apple Support here and Snapchat here.

Describe your problem; the support teams would then contact you and suggest possible reasons to fix it. By implementing them, your problem will be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of iOS is required for Snapchat?

Your iOS must have version 12.0 or later to download Snapchat.

Why is Snapchat not working on my iPhone 6?

If Snapchat is not working on your iPhone, you need to clear its cache, restart your iPhone, or reinstall the app to fix the problem.

Does Snapchat work with iOS 16?

Yes, Snapchat is already compatible with iOS 16.

Is Snapchat ban related to Apple ID?

The Snapchat app is not linked to your Apple ID. So you can download the app and create a new account easily.

Can an iPhone 5 run Snapchat?

No, iPhone 5 is not compatible with Snapchat. Therefore, you will have to buy a new phone or iPhone.

Does the iPhone 6 Plus support Snapchat?

Yes, iPhone 6 Plus now supports Snapchat. Initially it wasn’t, but now Snapchat has updated to make it available.

The last word

When you wondered why Snapchat was not downloading on my iPhone, you would have had your answer! Too much cache, unstable and insufficient internet connection can lead to problems.

Content and privacy restrictions, missing or outdated payment methods, outdated software and corrupted settings are also the reasons.

Therefore, you can fix the issues and download Snapchat again. These include restarting the phone, repairing the internet, removing content and privacy restrictions, updating payment methods and software or resetting settings to fix it.