Somalis goes to Dr Hyena to fight depression, mental illness

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MOGADISHU (Reuters) – The growers from the hyena caged change through the room because Mohamed Sheikh Yakub quietly moves in a nearby chair, hoping that the animal will spoil evil spirits from which he says he was worried from his divorce.

Mohamed Sheikh Yakub, a patient with a mental illness, sits within the treatment room where she believes that evil spirits that cause mental illness in a cage, in the Hodan area of ​​Mogadishu, Somalia, broke 15 February, 2020., 2020. REUTERS / Omar Feisal

The traditional treatment – rooted in the belief that the inns of inns or the widely blamed spirits in the region can be set aside for depression and mental illness – occurs in a growing capital in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The Cornish people have only three trained psychiatrists, who have suffered decades of civil war, the World Health Organization says.

In the absence of conventional therapies, many people are turning to traditional healers including senator Yakub – a 70-year-old spy called Aden Igaal who goes with the name Dr.. Hyena.

Doctors at Erdogan Hospital, funded by Turkey, say that there is no scientific basis for the treatment. “I don’t think it can help,” said the neurosurgeon. Nur Abdullahi Karshe.

Psychiatric Nurse Abdirahman Ali Awale, called ‘Dr. Habeeb ’says that it always encourages people to receive clinical treatment rather than conventional treatment. “I want to train them to go to the birds,” he said.

But Dr. leaking patients say. Hyena and their families have little choice because of the lack of alternatives.

Fatuma Ahmed says that she took her 13-year-old daughter to Dr Hyena after she had resigned.

“I took her to every hospital in Mogadishu but I wasted my money. I was without hope, ”says Ahmed with Reuters. She says that the treatment worked. “Thank God, she’s ok.”

In the past, other medical practitioners have often locked patients in rooms where animals are unrestrained, says Dr. Hyena. Its use of cage means that there are no injuries since it started practicing four years ago, it tells your Reuters.

Patients say that a red thread is attached around her little finger to stop the spirits being temporarily sliding before the hyena can deal with them properly, he says.

He joined the business after a traditional speaker treated his sister. “This prompted me to seek a career to heal the people.”

He found a hyena cavity for sale for $ 1,200, was amended as Ali and he set up a shop, charging people $ 10 sessions – still expensive in a city where a soldier gets $ 100 a month.

Back in the treatment leak, the hyena mentions her head around and snuffles against the narrow bars of the case. However, Mohamed Sheikh Yakub shows no sign of improvement and is anonymous and withdrawn.

Dr Hyena stops the session after a few minutes, saying his animal did not detect any sprits. Some conditions do not apply to some conditions, he says. But Yakub should come back three times more, but to ensure.

Yakub’s brother, who was with him throughout the treatment, goes from time to time, outside the cage.

Additional reporting by Omar MEP; Writing at Ayenat Mersie; Edited by Katharine Houreld and Andrew Heavens

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