Some municipalities in Côte-d’Or are obliged to increase the price of the canteen at the start of the next school year

The increase in raw materials also affects the price of school canteens. According to the Association of Mayors of France, the price increase could range from 5% to 10% depending on the municipality. The repercussions vary according to each municipality, and especially their budget. Those who have no reservations will certainly have to increase the rates charged to families. The decision will be decided in June, in the meantime, the municipalities are looking for solutions to limit excessive participation by families.

Possible solutions to cancel the increase

The Community of Communes of Ouche et Montagne supports eight canteens in primary and nursery schools. In 2022, the cost of raw materials has increased by 20%. To compensate, Michel Roignot, vice-president in charge of social affairs is considering several solutions: “it goes from a status quo, to an increase of 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25% for families”. If the municipality does not increase the participation of families, it will have to go into debt.

To avoid an increase, some communities of municipalities are trying to pool the costs. Those of Norges and Tille and the Dijon Plain, for example, collaborate in several areas: “For all markets, we look together if there is an interest in doing it together. For gas, Siceco offers very competitive prices thanks to this pooling work”, explains Ludovic Rochette, president of the Community of Communes of Norges and Tilledes and of the Mayors of France of Côte-d’Or. But it’s not a miracle solution: Michel Roignot is trying to set up pooling arrangements, but nothing will be ready this year.

In other cities like Dijon or Beaune, the contribution of families will not increase. According to Franck Lehenoff, deputy mayor of Dijon in charge of education and school catering, it is a luxury: “the budget is managed in a serene way which means that we can offset the costs, it is really a question of the overall budget”. The price will therefore remain from 0.50 cents to 6.90 euros, depending on the parents’ income, for the 8,000 Dijon students who eat in the canteen every day.

The Association of Mayors of France asks for state aid

Faced with this situation, Ludovic Rochette, President of the Mayors of France of Côte-d’Or fears that municipalities will be forced to choose between quality food, which highlights local products and organic farming, and a reasonable price for families. “We will not be able to leave the communities alone in the face of these financial issues, that is why we need ongoing negotiations between the State and the communities”concludes the chosen one.

Pricing will be announced at the end of June. As for the colleges, the Departmental Council has undertaken to set its price at 2 euros per meal for the start of the 2023 school year. The Regional Council has not yet made a decision regarding the prices of high school meals.