Some supplements are bad, which ones you should avoid: careful

What are the supplements that hurt, identified on the basis of careful research. You have to be very careful.

Some supplements are badand to support it is the authoritative Consumer Reports. This is the most important US consumer association, which conducted a specific research.

Different supplements in pills (Photo Canva –

And these observations have led to the identification of some controversial products. Some supplements are bad, and that’s a certainty. Repeated use, day after day, and perhaps even in higher than normal quantities, could have of unforeseen heavy effects on the body.

Health is threatened by these harmful ingredients, with possible problems especially affecting the liver and the heart. Furthermore, the risk of being exposed to forms of cancer is increased.

Furthermore, the benefits offered by these products would not justify their intake, net of the contraindications. Unfortunately, the products listed below are easily available in different online stores in particular.

Some supplements are bad, which ones are they

The products identified by Consumer Reports are as follows:

A person while taking supplements
A person taking supplements (Photo Canva –

Aconite (or tuber aconites, aconite, angustifolium, monkshood, radix aconti, wolfsbane). It is indicated against inflammation and joint pain, but can also lead to serious side effects.

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  • Woodland Beard (or bearded lichen, beard moss, tree moss, usnea, usnic acid). It leads to excessive weight loss and possible liver damage.
  • common camedrium (or Germander, Teucrium chamaedrys, viscidum). It has the same effects.
  • Celandine (or chelidonium majus, chelidonii herba). It leads in the worst cases to suffer stomach pain and liver damage.

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The same things may also happen for the following supplements:

  • Chaparral (o Creosote, greasewood, larrea divaricata, larrea tridentata, larreastat);
  • consolidates (o Blackwort, bruisewort, slippery root, symphytum officinale);
  • Powdered green tea extract ( o Camellia sinensis);
  • Kava (o Ava pepper, kava kava, piper methysticum);
  • Lobelia (or Asthma weed, lobelia inflata, vomit wort, Indian tobacco);
  • Methylsynephrine (o Oxilofrine, p-hydroxyephedrine, oxyephedrine, 4-HMP);
  • Pennyroyal Oil (from Hedeoma pulegioides, American mint);
  • Caffeine powder (o 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine);
  • Red yeast rice (O Purple Monk);
  • Common cough (o Coughwort, farfarae folium leaf, foalswort, tussilago farfara);
  • Yohimbe (o Johimbi, pausinystalia yohimbe, yohimbine, corynanthe johimbi).

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When taking supplements it is always recommended to feel first the opinion of a doctor. Even and above all in those particular situations which may concern, for example, pre-existing allergies, pathologies in progress or other situations which put the immune system under strain. Such as a pregnancy for example.