Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Home News Someone burned an image of the Grenfell Tower

Someone burned an image of the Grenfell Tower

A group of people was burned in a terrible video when they burned an image of the Grenfell Tower.

The clip circulating on WhatsApp features several men carrying the tower's cardboard model, whose death killed 72 people in June last year, and burned it on a campfire.

As the sculpture begins to burn, laughter and vile comments are heard.

Laughter and vile comments can be heard when the sculpture begins to burn (Photo: Kayoldroyd / Twitter)

A man hears "Help me" as he imitates the imitators last year.

Another shot says, "Did it start on the 10th floor? We should have turned it upside down. "

Other comments are those of a man who "jumps out the window" and another who praises himself, the burning people

The group was sentenced online (Image: Kayoldroyd / Twitter)
A woman helps to position the sculpture on the fire (Photo: Kayoldroyd / Twitter)
A man hears "Help me" as he imitates the prisoners imprisoned in the tower last year (Photo: Kayoldroyd / Twitter)
The clip, which circulates on WhatsApp, shows several men wearing the cardboard model of the tower (Photo: Kayoldroyd / Twitter)

The three-minute clip, which was uploaded to social media to track down those involved, ends with the cheering of the group as the image tilts and burns.

One person said to the video, "So sad, let's all hope someday it's not you."

Another added, "This is totally out of control and absolutely disgusting. What happened to these poor people was shocking and terrifying. I can not believe that some people would make a joke out of it. "

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