October 13, 2018

It was through his social networks that Jos Joel explained how his father is, after it became known that he is dying in Miami. Sarita, the youngest daughter talks about the singer's health.

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Faced with the rumors that have arisen about the state of health of the "Prince of the song", Jos Jos, his eldest son Jos Joel had to break the silence and reveal ambiguously how his father is. It was through his social networks that Jos Joel explained how his father is, after it was broadcast that he is dying in Miami. Using a video that he spread on his social networks, he explained that his father is recovering from pancreas cancer that he was removed last year, although the process He is very slow, he also assured that despite the distance he has communication with his dad every week. About the information that emerged this week about his health, he explained: "we are investigating, we are solving and we are landing, just so as not to make gossip, so as not to go on and on, so as not to make more noise than it is. "On the other hand, I repeat, Jos Jos, my father, our Jos Jos, our Prince is recovering, ah, he is taking her, a cancer of the pancreas, slowly, is very thin dito, keeps gaining weight, but suddenly loses it, nothing is written, everything is in the hands of God and everything can happen, but today is still ah, "explained the singer also. Agreg wants to clarify that" all this mara , of which we are learning, is being solved, if it is true it has to be investigated, it has to be solved for the welfare first of my father, and obviously of the whole family "he assured in his video. On the other hand, the Younger daughter of Jos Jos, Sarita Sosa clarify that the Mexican singer is still in his recovery process and that they are very well at home in Miami. Thus, I deny that the singer has been hospitalized recently, as was speculated a few days ago in the Mexican press. "He is very well, at home," he said. However, he saw the estrangement that exists with his brothers, because he was surprised when a reporter asked him if he knew that his sister Marisol had given birth, according to information disseminated by Shanik Berman on Radio Frmula.



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