Son Wendy Van Wanten creates clarity in ‘The House’: pr…

Clément, the youngest son of singer and model Wendy Van Wanten, surprised his mother on Tuesday evening in The House. TV maker Eric Goens broached the question that has haunted mother and son for years: who is the biological father? Neither of them mentioned a name, but indirectly they laid to rest an old gossip. Prince Laurent is not. “Fairy tales are just fairy tales too.”

“Can I ask for a helpline?” Of course she would come up at some point, the question that Wendy Van Wanten (61) – née Iris Vandenkerckhove – has been presented with for 21 years. Transmitter One did not want to give away in advance who would come by as a surprise guest in The House. Whoever looked on Tuesday evening saw that it was her youngest son Clément (21). The son whose identity of his biological father is unknown to this day. Van Wanten has always repeated that it is up to Clément to make this known, if he wanted to.

The rumor mill has been running for years. Prince Laurent, who would she have had a relationship with? When the singer posted a photo with her son on social media last year, everyone pointed out the physical similarities. Or is it her manager Danny De Waele who died in 2006 of lymphoma, also one of her closest friends? In The House Eric Goens (52) himself contributed. “I’ve known Danny and I think you look like him, both physically and mentally.”

No heir to the throne

The question finally came up during a meal prepared by mother and son. Van Wanten was quiet, and only occasionally allowed himself a “It’s nice, boy” lost. Clément was willing to go a little deeper into the subject. “The answer you expect is certainly not correct,” he says. “I think it’s very magical that everyone thinks that. But fairy tales are just that: fairy tales. If you know what I mean.”

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It seems clear that he is alluding to Prince Laurent. Goens came back to it a number of times during the conversation. “You just have red blood running through your veins.” Or: “So you will not be added to the succession to the throne.” “No,” he said with a laugh. “Do you see me already?”

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Clément sometimes had a hard time growing up. “I was confronted with that from a very young age,” he said. “When I was in primary school, a teacher had posted all kinds of articles and photos in the hallway. on which daddy (Frans, Wendy’s current partner, ed.), has been drawn to the school. He has always protected me and cared for me. I have a fatherly feeling with him.”

burden of shoulders

Yes, he knew his biological father. Not active, but he does not experience that as a loss. A definitive answer to the question is therefore not given now, but the ‘Prince Laurent’ slope has been closed since Tuesday evening. “It does me good to say this,” Clément said.

“It was as if something had literally fallen off my shoulders. On the one hand, I don’t like to talk about it, because that evokes a lot of emotions. On the other hand, it’s good that we’ve talked about it now.” To which Wendy concluded with, “What’s the dessert?”