Sónia replaces teammate Pedro at the head of Portal da Queixa and gives Friday afternoons to the team – Companies

Portal da Queixa, which presents itself as “the largest consumer social network in Portugal”, has a new leadership. Sónia Lage Lourenço, until now COO of Portal da Queixa, is the new CEO of this platform, replacing her partner Pedro Lourenço, who will assume the functions of Global CEO of Consumers Trust and lead the entire international operation of the technology company where the Complaint Portal is inserted.

“The new executive director now assumes the ‘general command’ of a pioneering project in Portugal that has already been internationalized to Spain, France and South Africa, through Consumers Trust SA, the technology company she helped to found”, announces the Portal da Complaint, in a statement sent to newsrooms, this Wednesday, October 13th.

“I have been part of this project since its inception, however, only in 2016 did I join the company’s administration with the mission of bringing brands closer to consumers. After five years, it is with great pride and humility that I recognize the mission accomplished”, he emphasizes Sonia Lage Lourenço.

“Today, large-scale brands that are customer-centric, use the Complaint Portal as the means to communicate their good reputation to the universe of consumers, in a completely impartial and transparent manner. However, with the internationalization of Consumers Trust, It is essential to ensure the continued growth of the business, based on the main success story – the Portal da Queixa. Therefore, it is with great optimism and motivation that I assume the leadership of the Portal da Queixa”, says the new CEO of the Portal da Queixa and founder of Consumers Trust, a group that is also part of Libro de Quejas (Spain), Réclame ICI (France) and Complaints Book (South Africa).

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However, the new leader of the Portal da Queixa has already presented a package of labor measures to be implemented: a hybrid work model, elimination of fixed hours and free afternoon on Fridays are some of the new features.

Among the measures already implemented are “strong bets on labor flexibility, on the merit of productivity and on the increase of benefits to employees”.

Thus, the changes involve the “adoption of a hybrid work model; the flexibility of hours (elimination of fixed working hours) and the reduction of the weekly workload with the institution of free afternoon on Friday”.

In terms of benefits and compensation, the Portal da Queixa reveals that “the entire team will benefit from the Coverflex platform, where a monetary value is attributed and benefits are made available to employees, including insurance, meal allowance and exclusive discounts, in a personalized way and flexible”.

Recognizing the inherent costs of remote work, one of the new measures contemplates the creation of a subsidy for electricity and internet costs.

The Portal da Queixa reveals that “a salary and career review every six months is also planned, as well as the attribution of productivity bonuses”

This consumer social network guarantees that it is visited by more than four million consumers per month and receives a monthly average of 15 thousand complaints, that it has more than 700 thousand registered users and that 10 thousand brands are present on its platform.