Sonny and Dylan on the fourth week of MAFS: ‘Do this in the living room, but certainly not on TV’

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We know Sonny Monster Lanjouw and Dylan Lanjouw Monster from the Married at First Sight program from 2022. The two are still happily married and live together in Dordrecht. The experience experts are now watching the new season of MAFS together and give their unvarnished opinion in their columns for Veronica Superguide.

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Written by: Veronica Superguide – Robin Heerkens
Warning: This article contains spoilers for the eighth and ninth episodes of MAFS.
This one Married at First Sightweek was like an emotional rollercoaster full of ups and downs. For one couple it went well, but for another couple the first cracks appeared, according to Sonny and Dylan.
Positive plot twist
Who fared better? Sonny: “If I had to put my money on one couple, it would be Maarten and Richelle. They really surprised me positively this week. I think he already wants a bit more, also physically, but he really gives her the time and space. I think it’s mainly with Richelle that things have been lapping a bit lately. She is a little too closed off and preoccupied with her feelings. I was cheering on the couch when they kissed on that cliff!” Dylan also sees positive changes in Maarten and Richelle. “The opinion of expert Eveline is really important to Richelle, you noticed that. She was also very open with her. Nice to see her coming out of her shell a bit more. Let them feel good with that feather. Turn off your thoughts and go.” The discomfort that the men felt in recent weeks has also decreased a little bit. “They are a bit more relaxed towards each other. It looks less and less awkward,” concludes Dylan.
Cracks in the hopeful marriage of Loes and Wichian
When it became clear that Wichian is very much against cheating, the first cracks appeared in the marriage between him and Loes. Loes told the camera that she is much more nuanced about this and does not immediately put someone in the trash after a ‘trip’. “That really felt like the first dent in this fledgling marriage,” Dylan said. “It is still a contender couple, although it depends on how big this dent is. It’s a pretty fundamental thing that you don’t just step over.” Sonny was especially struck by how well they interacted. “It never felt uncomfortable. During the trip they snuggled together on the plane. Delicious!” By the way, it’s not just joking and being funny; Sonny also saw a more serious side to the two. “Wichian asked very nicely and respectfully when Loes told about her deceased friend. How she envisions that with living together. Not only sweet, but also very handsome of him. He really listens to her.” Does he still see a match in this? “Yes, although I doubt whether they like each other equally. I think Wichian likes it much more.”
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Remko and Paula. | Photo: RTL

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Remko and Paula
We continue to Remco and Paula. The men are surprised that there is such a distance, literally and figuratively, between these new candidates. “Come on, you’re participating in Married at First Sight”, Sonny sighs. “You want to marry a stranger, but a kiss on the mouth goes too far?” Nevertheless, Sonny thinks it is a “beautiful couple to see”. What does his husband think of their reticence? “I was also surprised. You have to give your full 100 percent if you participate in this. My feeling is that this restraint mainly comes from Paula. It is good that she indicates her limits, but at the same time I think: come on, you know which program you are participating in, don’t you? If you act so distantly together in the initial phase, you are already at a great disadvantage.”
We cannot leave Paula’s mother Nella untouched. She took the spotlight again this week with her intense ‘pasta or chips?’ questioning of Remco. This time, the cross-examination was in front of an entire room full of friends and family. “With a mother-in-law like that, I would have run away before the party even started,” laughs Sonny. “Just let a man like that be,” says Dylan. “Do this in the living room, but certainly not in a crowded room on TV. Then it would have been too bad, but now it was just sad for Remco.”
‘Remco is much too sweet’
Sonny also thinks the match itself is a bit sad for Remco. “This is completely wrong. Remco is much too sweet. What he said at the wedding vow, that he hopes to be her ‘man of the day’ in a year’s time, was so beautiful: I just had to shed some tears.” He didn’t see that attitude in Paula. “I think she was way too much with a certain expectation in her head. She also complained about him to her friends. Very sorry.” “You can really see that she is disappointed in what she ‘got’,” adds Dylan. “She just radiates that with her body language.”
Nicole and Martijn fatigue
We can hardly not talk about mismatch Martijn and Nicole. Sonny: “The whole of the Netherlands is busy with Martijn and Nicole and chooses a side: are you team Martijn or team Nicole? Well, I’m not on any team. It gradually feels especially tiring to watch.” He sincerely hopes that we will not see the two again at the couples weekend. “Clutter those wedding rings in the tray at the final interview and go your own way!” Why did it eventually take off so badly? “We will never know for sure,” Dylan thinks. “As viewers, we didn’t see much. So again this week, with that wine throwing. But if I had to summarize it briefly, it comes down to the fact that they are exactly the same. They are always trying to outdo the other and don’t give each other the shine.”

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