Sonos to offer paid radio streaming service | NOW

Speaker manufacturer Sonos will offer a paid streaming service for radio from 2021. Via Sonos Radio HD, Sonos customers will soon be able to listen to various Sonos radio stations ad-free and in higher quality.

Sonos Radio was introduced by the manufacturer in early 2020. This service has been available free of charge to all Sonos customers since April. According to Sonos, people are increasingly listening to the radio and that is why the company is now introducing a paid version.

Sonos Radio now also has a radio station that is specifically curated for Dutch listeners. This station is called Radio á Gogo and has been put together in collaboration with radio DJ Sander de Heer.

According to De Heer, the radio station contains music from different genres and at least one song by a Dutch artist can be heard every hour. In addition to music channels, there are also special channels with soothing sounds, for example to make it easier to fall asleep.

The service is available immediately in the United States, among others, and will cost $ 7.99 (about 6.75 euros) there. Sonos Radio HD should become available in the Netherlands in 2021. It is not yet clear what a subscription to the radio service will cost here.

Correction: This article previously stated that the Dutch channel would only be available via the paid service Sonos Radio HD. This station is also available on the free version of Sonos Radio. This has been adjusted in the message.



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