Limiting video game downloads

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Services like PSN Y Xbox Live They accumulate a large number of simultaneous users, and as expected, the traffic generated by this type of service also affects the global network. Not so much for the simultaneous connections when playing online, but rather for the downloads that occur through the virtual stores.

Download a game like Call of Duty: Warzone It requires a large amount of gigabytes of download (more than 80 GB), and considering that the game has more than 30 million users, you can imagine the amount of data that has been generated. For all that, Sony and Microsoft have had to adjust their services to ease the connections, so on the PSN and Xbox Live the speed of downloads has been reduced so that everything flows in a controlled way.

At Microsoft, for example, they are limiting game downloads at certain times when there are significant spikes in user connections, in addition to custom avatars being disabled to reduce data. According to Redmond, their cloud services have increased 775% in the last weeks, so they have had to take these measures to guarantee the perfect functioning of the services.

For its part, Sony has also reduced data transfers on its PSN in both the United States and Europe, since it was generating a large number of downloads that were affecting the service. Users are currently downloading at somewhat reduced speeds on some occasions, but this at least guarantees the stability of the service.

And what about the future?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

The question that many ask themselves is whether this situation will affect the manufacture of the next consoles. PS5 Y Xbox Series X They plan to hit stores by the end of the year, so considering that much of the world is collapsed by Coronavirus, it would be easy to think that the production of the consoles could experience a delay that would annoy their launch.

Well, for now Sony and Microsoft have wanted to clear all kinds of doubts by guaranteeing that the launch of their consoles is not in danger. In statements to Bloomberg, A Sony official has stated that the company does not see a significant impact on the release date of PS5, statements that could effectively confirm that the launch will continue, although we will see with what stock.

On the other hand, Microsoft, through Satia Nadella, has confirmed that there are no console stock problems, adding that orders can be completed as stipulated, perhaps finding some problems in certain individual orders.

That said, it seems that the next generation has the situation under control, although it will be better to be cautious and see how the whole situation evolves in the coming weeks.

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