Sony confident of selling more PS5 consoles in the current year

After Sony missed the original sales targets for the past financial year in relation to the PS5, the current financial year, which ends in March 2023, is optimistic.

That’s what Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said in the subsequent investor conference, which announced the goal of 18 million PS5 consoles to be sold by the end of March 2023. This number is based on the current production capacities and the expected development in the coming months.

The corona pandemic, especially in Asia, which continues to paralyze entire factories, and the logistical effects of it continue to cause difficulties. Nevertheless, the goal is significantly higher than last time, when only 11.5 million units could be sold over the year. If you reach the goal, there would be 37.3 PS5 consoles sold worldwide.

“We’re very comfortable with reaching 18 million units in fiscal 2022,” Totoki said.


Nevertheless, one is aware that the crisis is not over and that supply bottlenecks will continue to occur. As far as the target of 18 million PS5 consoles is concerned, however, one is confident that the corresponding components have been reserved. It remains tight, however, which can affect the spontaneous supply.

Investing in Content & Services

Since the hardware alone is of little use, investments in corresponding content, in the first-party studios, and the expansion of in-house productions on several platforms are also being increased at the same time. The expectations of your own games are enormously high, and you want to make them accessible to as many players as possible.

At the same time, investments in new content and first-party studios will increase, from which high revenues are also expected. This also includes investments in the new PlayStation Plus, which will be improved from a quality point of view and more accessible. The new service will start in Germany in June.

In terms of new acquisitions, Sony doesn’t reveal what’s on the agenda next. Before that, however, significant spending was planned for acquisitions, including for Bungie. There is also speculation about the possible takeover of Square Enix, either as a publisher as a whole or as individual studios.