Sony has patented another type of game cartridge cartridge for consoles – Gambling

Resource LetsGoDigital at one time revealed data on the game console Playstation 5, and now discovered a patent for a new unknown device. Application has been submitted Sony Interactive Entertainment to the Brazilian Patent Office.

The novelty belongs to the category 14.99, with the description of "Miscellaneous" at the international level, and in Japan it is "Accessories for electronic games." Judging by the illustration, this is a compact but rather thick game cartridge, although it is not clear which system it is intended for.

As you know, the production of physical games for Playstation vita, like the console itself, has already been discontinued. Perhaps the novelty is intended for the new model, because now there are only consoles on the market Nintendo.
It is important to note that last year a Japanese company already registered a patent for a different type of cartridge. So far, it has not appeared in the form of a real device, so it is difficult to say how real the current version is.

Perhaps she will never see the light, and the application has been filed “for the future”. Although, perhaps, Sony is preparing its triumphant return to the portable gaming market.


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