Sony invites American PS5 owners to buy another next-gen console •

Are we that far already? Sony is currently sending out invitations to buy the PS5 to customers who already have one of the hard-to-find consoles. For those who don’t have a PS5 in their living room yet, this could make buying them more difficult.

Twitter user Wario64, who mostly posts deals on games and gaming merch on his profile, shared a screenshot that showed an invitation to buy another console via Sony’s PlayStation Direct program – even though Wario64 already owns a PS5. In the comments, some users confirmed that they too could now buy a second PS5.

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Whoever receives the golden ticket from Sony can log into the American Sony online shop and buy a PlayStation 5. Without any queues, without the annoying updating of the page. As soon as the console is in the shopping cart, it is safe for the time being and customers can even pack a few accessories before they pull out their digital wallet.

A second purchase could have negative effects, especially for those who have been trying to get a piece of the next-gen cake for months. Aside from reducing the chances of getting a PS5, scalpers could rub their hands again and wait for a desperate gamer to buy their overpriced console on eBay.

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On the other hand, friends or relatives could get a Pconsole for their PS5-less loved ones.

Sony has not yet officially commented on the invitations to the PS5 lookup, but it is probably an oversight. Although the console has been on the market for over six months, it is often sold out within a few minutes as soon as a new stock is known. That reminds me a lot of Rammstein tickets.

At least the situation should ease somewhat within this fiscal year, as Sony also wants to bring its online store to Europe. So far, the PlayStation Direct Store is only available on the US market.