Sony makes movies and TVs of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Gran Turismo

In recent years, Sony has invested heavily in transforming PlayStation game series into movies and TV. That commitment continues, and on Thursday the company presented plans for several new projects.

Amazon is going to make the God of War series.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

It was during its latest quarterly report that Sony (via industry analyst) David Gibson) among other things revealed that a Netflix series based on the Horizon games Zero Dawn and Forbidden West is on its way.

Furthermore, Amazon is working on a series based on God of War. Gibson also announced that Gran Turismo will be TV, but according to Deadline, the car game series will instead be filmed.

According to the website’s experience, the Gran Turismo film is still very early in the production phase. Sony is supposed to aim to bring in District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to lead the work, but as far as the story is concerned, no details have been nailed so far.

Sony has not said much about the Horizon or God of War series either, so it remains to be seen what stories these will deal with.

Sony otherwise has several projects underway, under the leadership of the production company PlayStation Productions. An HBO series based on The Last of Us is supposed to come next year, while Peacock is working on a Twisted Metal series. Work is also underway on a Ghost of Tsushima film.

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