Sony responds to rumors about the production stop

Sony has responded to the rumors about the planned production stop of the PS4. Accordingly, it was not planned to stop production of the last-gen console last year.

During the week a Bloomberg report cause a stir. Based on an unspecified insider source, the English-language publication reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) intended to end PS4 production at the end of 2021. Due to the current situation, however, production should be significantly extended.

As many interested parties may have repeatedly noted, due to the pandemic and a global shortage of components, the PS5 is extremely rarely found in stores, where it often disappears again in a matter of minutes. Bloomberg’s report should make it clear that just because of this PS5 device shortage, Sony has decided to continue producing PS4 devices in 2022 – with an additional production of about 1 million units.

Sony denies the report

When asked by Japanese website Gigazine, Sony has denied Bloomberg’s report, saying it “never planned” to “stop PS4 production.”

However, it should be noted that a few months ago Sony halted production of several PS4 models in order to focus on PS5 production. The PS4 Pro was only produced in Japan until September 2020. Only the PS4 500GB standard black model is being manufactured at the moment.

At that time it was said: “We will continue to ship the standard PS4 and continue to focus on our PS4 software and peripherals business. We have not disclosed details on our production lines, but we have shifted our production focus to the PS5”.

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It is still unclear when the situation with the PS5 will relax. Even after two years of the pandemic, the effects are having a major impact on supply chains and production capacities.

Despite the scarcity, the PS5 had sold more than 7.8 million units as of March 31, 2021, surpassing the sales of the PS4 in the same period. Later, sales weakened somewhat due to the delivery situation. The last reported sales figure is at 13.4 million copies and was published at the end of October 2021. 22.5 million copies per year should be in the future.

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