Sony supplements with several PS5 units as an excuse for pre-orders

“Let’s be honest: PS5 pre-orders could have been better”. This is how the posting on the official PlayStation Twitter account begins. After 4 days in which both buyers were confused and retailers, Sony admits its mistake.

Many may not care if Sony apologizes or not for the chaos created, but there is a good part. “In the coming days, we will release several PS5 consoles for pre-order”, continue the same post. Maybe the frustration of the last few days when you only dreamed of the words OUT OF STOCK took your mind, and you don’t believe me. But here’s the proof:

Should we take those responsible seriously? Eric Lampel, PlayStation’s marketing director, told Geoff Keighley in the past: “We’ll let you know when the pre-orders happen. It won’t be a matter of time.” But now we all know how well this statement has aged:

The day before Wednesday’s PS5 event, Sony told that the Bloomberg report, which talked about reducing the production of new consoles by 4 million units, is completely false.

After the event, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told The Washington Post in an interview that there will be more PS5 units ready for sale than there were PS4s in 2013. “Approximately 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units were sold worldwide two weeks after its launch in 2013, with one million on its first day alone.” – TWP

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