Sports Soon also without ball TIME ONLINE

Soon also without ball TIME ONLINE


We Berliners know exactly that you can forget something about all the daily challenges in our hectic, hip hometown. Lock the rental bike correctly, for example, take the quinoa out of the digital rice cooker in good time or just We're just going home Not to bawl when we go home.

As we now from the image were allowed to experience, the Californian-Charlottenburg world Swabian no longer has a coaching license. Jürgen Klinsmann I forgot the proof of further education in his house in the USA – if this hasn't happened to you, throw the first Miles and More Card! The Hertha coach, who is no longer allowed to call himself that, will soon teach her the evidence, and will also renew his license. So where's the problem? Especially since everyone who knows Jürgen Klinsmann knows that something like this doesn't just happen to him, but is just another step on the way to making Hertha a Giga-Big-City-Club. Failure is not a mishap, but innovation.

Klinsmann already broke new ground at FC Bayern. He became a rulebreaker by simply losing games he was supposed to win. 0: 4 in Barcelona for example or 1: 5 in Wolfsburg. See, I do things differently, winning is for small minds, so his impressive message.

Made a little bit better every day

Who now believes that Hertha Making it popular is about as difficult as turning Grandma Erna into an influencer, Klinsmann underestimates. He even invents new posts for his mission. The performance manager Arne Friedrich, for example, used to be an old-school defender. Friedrich now uses terms such as "benchmarking", "performance potential" and "decision-maker" so often that he will definitely do better at the upcoming Bullshit Bingo World Cup than he ever did at a football World Cup. Klinsi has already made him a little bit better every day.

Friedrich even recently reported about a friend of his, a Marine Raider, that it was something like a Navy Seal that founded a start-up, which could also be interesting for Hertha training: the Underwater Torpedo League. Anyone who thinks that many Berlin players are having difficulty orienting themselves over water is right, but you can try it. The DFB first laughed at the rubber twist.

And so, in the shadow of the time-honored Olympic stadium, completely new forms of training will definitely be tried out soon. Under-day skydiving. Or diving over water. Or something really crazy: just train for a season without the ball. Before Klinsmann forgets it too.



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