Sophia Huang Xuequin: the disappearance of the woman who drove #MeToo in China

  • Jessie Lau – @_laujessie
  • Da BBC Eye Investigations em Hong Kong

24 May 2022

Credit, Personal archive

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Sophia Huang disappeared before leaving for the UK

The arrest in Beijing and trial of one of China’s leading feminists, who received a prestigious scholarship to study in the UK, has ignited a global debate over the responsibility of foreign institutions to protect China’s students.

On September 19, 2021, journalist Sophia Huang Xueqin and labor rights activist Wang Jianbing “disappeared” on their way to the airport in southern China’s Guangzhou city. Huang was about to fly to the UK to study at the University of Sussex on the UK government-funded Chevening Scholarship.

Huang holding a sign that says "I can't keep calm, I was chosen for chevening"

Credit, Sophia Huang Xueqin

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Huang shared his excitement at winning the scholarship

Now, after more than seven months in detention, she and Wang are expected to stand trial on charges of “inciting subversion of the state”, a serious allegation that could carry years in prison.