In times of crisis, the unemployment rate for disabled workers is the adjustment variable. Their recruitment and retention in employment requires, all the more that they are less qualified. The good news is that the unions and the employers have decided to seize the dimension of disability in the social dialogue. I received them on Friday for a first working session. This is a first, because until now the social partners had never been brought together by the minister in charge of disability. We will soon also have in each department a senior official to disseminate the disability policy.

We want to move towards a policy much more incentive to ensure that persons with disabilities, 15% of the population benefit from public policies like everyone else. For this, it is necessary to communicate to the outside, but also to people with disabilities who exercise self-censorship. It is also necessary to combat the wear and tear of the society : persons with disabilities, waive the right to higher education, because it is already necessary to get in a fight, day and night, for example, to access physically to the classroom.

Only 2% of youth with disabilities are learning, compared with 7% in the whole population. It is too little, especially as it is a lever for employment, especially effective for them.

Yes, companies are scared ! One day, an HR director told me that he not make more of the disabled because he had had a bad experience. Since when cease-t-one to recruit able-bodied people because once, it was not well spent ? When one greets a person with a disability, it is necessary to prepare for his arrival, but in the end it benefits everyone. I visited the company Andros in the Eure-et-Loir there are three week. She has hired 7 autistic non-verbal in CDI. It was necessary to build the stations, create courses marked with pictograms and signal lights, install forklift trucks, improving the management. As a result, the company has gained in productivity. And the efforts to simplify the understanding of the instructions were used at all. It is thus that it creates an inclusive society. We need to change the look, embed the head of the company in the hiring and maintaining employment of people with disabilities. All the more that they will be many to come on the walk to work, because the act of 2005 has opened up access to the mainstream school.

He must first make the gain higher qualifications, people with disabilities, who are twice as less qualified than the average. Then accompany the employer. We already have 1.000 ” accompanied employment “, it is not huge, but this experiment will allow us to get feedback on the needs of the companies, that we know little about. We want to create real “job coaches “, people who will rise in skills in the service of not one person, but of the collective work.

This was not the policy of sustainable integration. There are other ways to put the foot in the stirrup : the learning, the alternation, the recognition of the quality of life at work… there are too many protections, and not enough empowerment in the management of disability in France. You need to get out of this enclosure. Climb on the barricades !

The target of 6% was essential to disseminate a culture of disability, but it is cresting today. It is necessary to renew the statement of obligations and quotas. All options are open. Certain sectors are better suited than the other, the large-scale distribution, for example, more than industry or high-tech. It will be necessary to arrow shooter jobs to the digital transition or ecological, the creation of the business. On the other hand, I do not believe that this is the role of the Agefiph fund the training, which must be in the common law policies.

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