Sophie Elise Isachsen: – About the future:

Former top blogger and influencer Sophie Elise Isachsen (27) has over the years made a name for herself in the Norwegian entertainment industry, including through «The Bloggers», «Sophie Elise’s world» and «The farm celebrity».

Refuses to answer this

Therefore, it is also natural that there are constantly big questions related to her private life, and the influencer’s marital status has in the last year been on “everyone’s” lips.

It has therefore been particularly interesting every time the 27-year-old publishes posts on Instagram, and especially the posts where she shares cryptic emojis get attention.

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– Hope it happens

There may be special posts, where she shares emojis of pregnant women and angel babies, which make the speculations swirl, and several times the followers have wondered if the influencer has hinted at pregnancy.

However, she tells Dagbladet that it is no secret that she wants children in the future – one close to one.

WANTS CHILDREN: Sophie Elise Isachsen makes no secret of the fact that she has plans for the future ready.  Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear

WANTS CHILDREN: Sophie Elise Isachsen makes no secret of the fact that she has plans for the future ready. Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear
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– It is no secret and quite obvious that I really want children, and I hope that it happens over the next two to three years. So when people ask me what I want in the future, that’s what I want, she said from Gullruten’s red carpet this weekend.

– I’m hungry for more careers, but I would very much like to have a nice family. And I can say that.

Reveals wedding details

Reveals wedding details

The names in the box

The 27-year-old further reveals that she does not want more than one child, and that she has already planned more details about the future family increase.

– I already have a name! I know one hundred percent.

Of course, she does not want to reveal what names she has in mind, but can tell that both boy names and girl names are in the box.

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– I say that every time I date a guy, like: “Just so you know, these are the names.”

– And then they agree with the names?

– Yes, because I have good taste in name, she laughs.

Answers cryptically about Isaac

Answers cryptically about Isaac

– I live my life

The 27-year-old is apparently not in a relationship at the moment, despite rumors of a romance between her and “Farmen kjendis” winner Isak Dreyer (27).

Not long after “The Farm Celebrity” was on TV, Dreyer set course for Greenland for a three-month expedition. Since then, it has been quiet from them about each other.

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– He is in Greenland and I hope he is fine. I am very well and living my life, she said cryptically to Dagbladet about her marital status during Gullruten.

– But have you talked together?

– There is not much coverage there, but yes. We’ll see. We are not. Oh, yes.