Sophie Montel, a near Philippot, rejected the head of the group FN in Burgundy-Franche-Comté

Sophie Montel, a near Philippot, rejected the head of the group FN in Burgundy-Franche-Comté

The national Front lost no time to enter into an open crisis after the elections of 2017, deemed disappointing. According to our information, confirming those of Liberation, mep Sophie Montel, close among the relatives of Florian Philippot, vice-president of the far-right party, is in the process of being unloaded by Marine Le Pen from the presidency of the group frontiste the regional council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté. A real blow to the right arm of Mme The Pen, so that discussions on the ” rebirth “ of the FN in view of the congress, to be held in February or march 2018, become acrimonious.

The public statements of two regional advisers of the group, “The Patriotic-national Front” in Burgundy, Franche-Comté, and Antoine Chudzik and Julien Acard, set fire to the powder. These have been criticized on the social networks the organization of the legislative elections, placed under the tutelage of the secretary general of the FN, Nicolas Bay, complaining in particular of the flow late of the leaflets. Of the criticisms that have earned them without firing a shot to a suspension of the party.

” unacceptable Behavior “

Informed by mail of such suspension, Mme Montel has taken defense by mail to Marine Le Pen. In vain. the ” These are two good items, very solid, within the group. For me, it was impossible that I the silences “, says the World the member of the european parliament. Accordingly, a mail was sent by Nicolas, Bay, Friday, June 30, in the morning, to the regional councillors frontistes of Burgundy-Franche-Comté for their request to form a new group, in which Sophie Montel would be ruled out of the presidency.

” because of their unacceptable behaviour during the campaign for the general elections and their very hostile to the direction of movement, two regional representatives from your region, MESSRS. Julien Acard and Antoine Chudzik, have been suspended from the national Front at the request of our president Marine Le Pen, written by Mr. Bay in this email, we have been able to consult. with Mme Montel does, however, no account of this situation and continues to grant them his confidence, and leave it to act and intervene freely in the name of the group in the regional council. This unacceptable situation could not last, a group of national Front will be formed, and the presidency will no longer be provided by Mme Montel. I ask you to join immediately. “

” This is a declaration of war “

These last days, the member of the european parliament 47-year-old has been the target of heavy criticism for having asked what the FN adopts a communication that is less ” anxiety-provoking “ on the topic of immigration, touching on a fundamental pillar of the doctrine frontiste. An output that Mme Montel justified by the freedom of speech that is implied in the discussion on the ” rebirth “ of the party opened by Marine Le Pen, and to offer, ” she said, a picture less a caricature of the FN. the ” I’m drawn the ire, a certain number of items from us, contribute to this caricature, she thought. the I say this in the context of a debate that I thought was open. As the days go by, the more I doubt. We are going to talk about what, the name ? Things do not engage in the good sense. “

For this activist history of the FN – she joined in 1987, to 18 years of age – arises now the question of its future. the ” I always have to time my card to the FN but I will not spend the status of general to soldier, I do not tolerate this kind of humiliation, she says. the It is a powerful act, a declaration of war. “

Pascal Gannat put on the spot

Florian Philippot seems to be in any case decided to fight for that which is often described as its ” door-gun “. In a statement to the World, member of the european parliament has stated that a ” peaceful solution must be found quickly, “. the ” Sophie led the list, which is the most approximate to the victory in 2015, I remind you, ” he said. in She is an elected official in copy, a professional, an activist, a loyal and modern. “of The result of this episode, and risk of result the content of the debates for the coming months within the FN, in particular, on the role that will continue to play or not to Mme The Pen Mr Philippot, who has founded his own organization, The Patriots.

another historical framework of the party, which is on a line opposite the axis Philippot-Montel, Pascal Gannat, is also in the sights of management. The regional advisor of pays de la Loire, the figure of the right-leaning within the FN, has been landed from the post of departmental secretary of the party in the Sarthe. And its chairmanship of the group at the regional council is in danger, since a vote will be organized within the group, Monday, 3 July, on whether to keep it or not. But no mail set have been sent by the directorate to the regional advisers frontistes of the Countries of the Loire.

summed up by an experienced cadre of the party, ” the policy, it is the warrior, and the Forehead, it is never in the sweetness felted “. An understatement, surely.

Olivier Faye

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