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Sophie Pétronin: Ingrid Betancourt appeals to Macron

The former captive of the Farc asks the head of state to receive the family of the humanitarian worker, hostage in Mali since December 2016.

She is to this day the last French hostage in the world. Sophie Petronin, 73, has been held hostage in Mali since 20 December 2016 and kidnapped in Gao. The humanitarian worker, who ran an association helping orphans, received this Thursday the support of Ingrid Betancourt on FranceInfo.

The former hostage FARC – released in 2008 after six years of captivity – says "bruised" and "very frustrated" lack of mobilization around Sophie Petronin. "From time to time, I wonder if I was kidnapped today, would there be mobilization that allowed me to stay alive and to be liberated? Sensibilities changed and we It's hard to get people interested in the fate of the hostages today. "

"We almost beg that he receives the family"

The former Colombian presidential candidate is now appealing to Emmanuel Macron. "What we want, what we call, we ask, we almost beg, it is that it receives the family of Sophie Petronin," asks Ingrid Betancout. For her, it is "unthinkable" that the head of state does not receive the son of the hostage, Sebastian, while he "has the life of Sophie Petronin in his hands".

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Hosted for 20 months, Sophie Petronin recently gave a sign of life. In a video received mid-June and that his support committee (www.liberons-sophie.fr) decided to put online last week, the hostage is addressed first to his family and then to the head of the State.

In a weak voice, her head covered with a scarf, the humanitarian worker from Bordeaux speaks to Emmanuel Macron, who reminds her of her commitments during the presidential campaign to protect all French people. She also asks her son Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin to come and see her, reassuring him about his safety.

"We know she is very, very sick"

Close-ups on her face, her eyes filled with tears, alternate with larger planes, where she appears visibly weak and sick. "We know she is very, very sick (…) It's a very hard climate, in a misogynistic environment," says Ingrid Betancourt, who calls him to "hold". "She needs to stay alive, to know that we are waiting for her, that we love her and admire her."

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled in August its "determination to obtain a favorable solution". Emmanuel Macron had assured July 13 that the state services were acting "relentlessly" with a "relentless will" to find the hostage.


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