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Sopranos Prequel receives release date

sopranos Fans, get your calendars out.

Warner Brothers has officially set a release date for Newark, the 1960s movie that will serve as a prelude to the iconic HBO original series The sopranos, The strip will enter the screens on September 5, 2020. (Via deadline)

Casting News for the film, previously soaked with the somewhat cumbersome title The many saints of Newark, flew fast and angry since the beginning of the year. In January, we reported the almost too good to be true that Michael Gandolfini, the son of the late, popular actor James Gandolfini, was cast as a younger version of the main character Tony Soprano of the original series. a role that his father inhabited in an absolutely dedicated way. The elder Gandolfini was nominated for no less than six Emmy Awards for his performance, winning three.

As if this casting was not staggering enough, the production has diligently built up a number of talents that would make virtually every director on the planet green with envy. The announced cast includes Gandolfini (please join us as we review our extensive notes): Vera Farmiga (the implore Series), Jon Bernthal (Marvel's The Punisher), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), John Magaro (The umbrella academy), Billy Magnusson (Velvet saw), Alessandro Nivola (They were never really here), Chris LaPanta (Saint Nicholas) and Corey Stoll (ant man).

While Warner Brothers kept the details of the storyline and characters near the vest, thanks to Nivola (who will direct the film) and series creator David Chase, who serves as executive producer, we were able to gather some tidbits and co-authored the script with Lawrence Konner (Boardwalk Empire). Nivola has confirmed (via diversity) that he would portray Dickie Moltisanti, a character never seen in the series but whose murder by a corrupt police officer in the 1970s played a major role. Nivola described the relationship between Moltisanti and Tony Soprano as "an important" to the history of the strip by saying that "[Moltisanti] was a real mentor figure, because Tony's dad was in jail a lot and Dickie had kids later in his life … and so he treated Tony like a replacement son. He also repeated the statements made by Chase Newark would be set in 1967, "against the backdrop of the race riots that were taking place in Newark at the time, and the racial tension between the Italians and the blacks at this moment is a big part of the story."

Chase has said that it was his personal reminder of that particular time that served as the impetus for the renewal of the world The sopranos, "I was against it [the prequel] I'm still very worried, but I was interested in Newark, where my parents came from and where the riots were taking place, "he said in a sitdown deadline, "At that time, I lived in a suburb of New Jersey, and my girlfriend was working in downtown Newark, I was only interested in the whole thing in Newark, and I began to think about these events and organized crime, and I was interested me just for mixing these two elements. "

His fear is understandable, given the fact that a suitable follow-up of any kind is made The sopranos – Widely referred to as one of the best television dramas of all time – regardless of his approach is a big task. But if you occupy that stellar (and really, every time you occupy Liotta in your gangster image, you're on the right track), you should let up a bit, and the announced talent behind the camera is made up of consummate professionals in the material , The veteran writer Konner has written several episodes of the original series, and Alan Taylor will also be in the director's chair, who has also directed nine episodes as well as directing Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire (not to mention the Marvel feature) Thor: The dark world).

All signs indicate Newark a satisfying and enlightening supplement to sopranos canon and after years of speculation that the series will ever see a revival, fans finally have a date to circle their calendar. We are looking for more casting and plot details and will keep you updated as they become available.


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