Sorority and excellent actresses

Although installed in Madrid, the marrow of La Estampida, José Troncoso, Alicia Rodríguez and Belén Ponce de León are Andalusian (between Cádiz and Seville) and although we saw them with their emblematic work The princesses of the Pacific In 2016 at the La Fundición Theater we are glad that they stop at the Lope de Vega Theater, five years later, with their new proposal, premiered in 2018, Never seen. Again they use the same formula, with the incorporation, this time of the actress Ana Turpin: Huge laboratory work in which José Troncoso draws on the contributions of his cast, I imagine that Kike Gómez will also do his bit and in which they delve into bringing to light those invisible characters of society having sisterhood as a basis, as they already did in The princesses of the Pacific.

The Stampede remains faithful in the portrayal of invisible beings in society

They use an excuse, a hopeless dance teacher who turns to her former students to put on one last show where she can do her best. never seen. I say excuse because it is really when these characters appear marked by unfair destinies that the play begins and it takes flight. The hypothetical creation of the show serves as an assembly and we begin to get emotional with the unfortunate experiences of the three protagonists. The actresses take over the stage by filling the masks of their characters with flesh and oscillating between comedy and tragedy in just seconds. Immense work by Alicia, Belén and Ana who achieve moments of true emotion and communion with the public.

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