Sorority’: central theme of the commemoration carried out by women victims in Chocó

Last Wednesday, May 31, in Quibdó, Chocó, a discussion was held in the framework of the commemoration of May 25, Day of the dignity of women victims of sexual violence in the context of armed conflict.

Approximately 60 women participated in the discussion ‘Dignifying women victims of sexual violence in the context of the armed conflict and transforming power to continue advancing and achieving Total Peace’, held between the Unit for Victims, organizations of women victims and defenders of human rights.

This space for dialogue and listening began with the ritual ‘I am Sorority’, as a way of representing the sisterhood between women who seek to accompany, guide and walk together in the process of healing the mind and body, with the aim of continuing to be resilient in the face of pain and scars caused by the violence of the armed conflict.

During the event, the professionals from the Victims Unit shared the strategy ‘Strengthening capacities from the Vivificarte rights approach’, which is part of the entity’s set of methodologies with a differential approach, aimed at women survivors of the Colombian armed conflict who have been victims of crimes against their integrity, freedom and sexual formation and has the objective of empowering women, through the recognition of their rights as subjects of special protection.

This initiative seeks to provide tools aimed at financial education that contribute to the development of life projects and contribute to symbolic reparation through actions of dignity and recognition that contribute to guarantees of non-repetition to strengthen the process of empowerment and appropriation of their rights.

The participants of this event agreed that there are still great resentments and pain in the face of these acts of violence, because the family nuclei are also affected, homes and life, and for them, it will not be the same again; For this reason, they indicate that although economic compensation is important, it is necessary to provide permanent accompaniment, as well as psychosocial follow-up regarding the situation of the victims, because it is a long process, in which accompaniment must be provided.

“This space has allowed us to listen to each other, to support each other. Despite the victimizing fact suffered, we continue to fight. Although it is something that one does not forget, every day one tries to overcome it because it was the body that was taken by force, without one wanting it and many even judge it and blame one saying that one wanted it, but no, because we are the ones who command our bodies in our lives. I thank God because I am a survivor and I carry my face high wherever I go and say I am a survivor, I am a warrior and a fighter and here I am,” said Sandra Salas, from the Fuvisedech Foundation.

The results of this meeting will help to identify and articulate the actions to be developed by the Unit for Victims, in coordination with the Victims’ Table, organizations and groups that attended and met at this discussion.

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2023-06-02 22:16:03