Sorrentino: “Naples and Maradona, so I will go home” – Cinema

Sooner or later it had to happen, and now it happens: Paolo Sorrentino’s eviscerated passion for Napoli and for the mythical years of Maradona becomes a film. The Argentine footballer has been a source of cinematographic inspiration for years (the beautiful 2019 film by Asif Kapadia, the one by 2008 by Emir Kusturica, among many) but this by Sorrentino, announced today, will be different from all the others precisely because the Oscar of the Great Beauty is an avid fan. Receiving the statuette, he thanked Fellini, the Talking Heads, Scorsese and Maradona (family members aside) in the order. And therefore ‘It was the hand of God’, the filming of which is imminent, will first of all be a great act of faith. And then there is the return to Naples. The director had anticipated here and there that he was thinking of going home, exactly twenty years after the first film The man in more with Toni Servillo, who would later become his actor-fetish, which catapulted him from debutant to the Venice Film Festival. Venice starting the international career. Maradona plus Naples: for Sorrentino, who turned 50 on May 31st, the moment of the balance coincides with the nostalgia for home and stable affections because to him, he confessed it in an interview long ago, Maradona saved his life (he had to go to see Empoli-Napoli, for this he was allowed at 16 years of age not to follow his family in the mountains, who died that night in their sleep from a gas leak). The domestic cinema during the lockdown, imagined by the spectacular altana on the roofs of Piazza Vittorio (on Instagram almost every day he posted the Roman sunsets on Santa Maria Maggiore from that angle) has become an episode of the cycle with authors from all over the world Homemade, but now it’s time to get back on set. The American one, of the film that has been in preparation for months, starring (and producer also) Jennifer Lawrence, Mob Girl, is not currently programmable, postponed when the conditions for filming in America will be favorable, given the persistence of the coronavirus emergency . In Italy, on the other hand, the sets reopen and so soon the shooting in the Neapolitan capital where he was born, Arenella district. To make his dream come true is Netflix, the new world film player, who after Alfonso Cuaron (Rome) and Martin Scorsese (The Irishman) produces the film by the Oscar-winning filmmaker. The cast is not known, nor the roles. “I am excited at the idea of ​​returning to shoot in Naples – Sorrentino said – It was the hand of God and, for the first time in my career, an intimate and personal film, a joyful and painful training novel. I am happy to sharing this adventure with producer Lorenzo Mieli, his The Apartment and Netflix. The harmony with Netflix’s Teresa Moneo, David Kosse and Scott Stuber – on the meaning of this film, was immediate and dazzling. They made me feel at home, a ideal condition, because this film, for me, means exactly this: going home. ” Sorrentino will also be its producer. He talks about “a story written beautifully with his unmistakable style”, the head of Netflix films Scott Stuber. “To build a big production house, great filmmakers are needed from all over the world, who tell stories in all languages.” As for the title, those few who do not know it must be remembered that “It was the hand of God” was the justification passed to history that the same Argentine ace gave by hand, therefore irregularly, to England in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup against Argentina, the same game in which Diego Armando Maradona scored the goal of the century discarding all opponents. Waiting for the player, close to 60, to comment on the news publicly, the governor De Luca thinks about welcoming back to Sorrentino: Naples is already in turmoil.


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