Soso Maness and SCH Announce Upcoming Feature Film Project

While on Medja’s Twitch channel, Soso Maness took the opportunity to talk about a film he is preparing with SCH. This is not the first time that one of the two acolytes has spoken about this ambitious project. According to Soso, the writing of the screenplay is now complete: “We will not be long in attacking the castings. Besides, if there are people who want to participate in the casting, we take a criminal record, is it good?, quips the Marseillais. Sadek, who also participated in the Medja live, adds: “Have you seen how strong they are in Marseille? He said, ‘I’m writing a movie with SCH’, easy, like he’s saying, ‘I made an omelet.’”

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Feature film, big ambition

In 2021, Soso Maness already mentioned the existence of this great project at the microphone of Mouv’: “We are writing a film with the S. What we are already writing here is really crazy.” After saying that he would not play in this feature film, Soso also gave a layer on the ambitions and the potential of the project:

“We want to make a two-hour film. We have already made a lot of progress. We want to go to a writing seminar to finish the screenplay and then we’ll see. With his cinematographic vision and mine, we can do something really strong, very generational, without going into clichés… Something very authentic.”

2023-05-26 12:01:58

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