SNK halberd fighting game “SAMURAI SHODOWN” (SAMURAI SHODOWN) Season 3 Season Pass DLC character first game “Cham Charm” will be launched on March 16, and this season pass will also usher in the popular series of fighting games ” “Guilty Gear” series characters participate in the battle.

Cham Cham (seiyuu: Yumena Taniguchi) debuted in “Samurai Soul Bawang Hell Change” (released in 1994). She likes to explore the green jungle with her good friend Pakupaku, but because she often makes mistakes In dangerous places, my brother must look for her every time. Her innocent and casual character makes it hard to predict her actions. If you don’t want to hurt your face and back, treat her gently.

When Season Pass 3 is launched, an unprecedented “breaking defense” system will be added, and the game balance will be adjusted and improved in details.

At the same time that the Cham Cham DLC is launched, the third season pass package with 4 DLC characters will also be on sale simultaneously. The second part of the role of “Bakumatsu Romance Act II, Moonflower Swordsman ~ Fanghua in the Moon, Scattered Under the Moon~” The exact release time of Gao Lingxiang is uncertain.

The fourth round of the third season pass DLC character, there will be characters from the popular fighting game series “Paladin War” of the Yak system! Detailed information will be made public one after another.


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