«Souldiers», un Souls-like en pixel art!

The first work of the small independent studio “Retro Forge”, “Souldiers” is a retro-looking 2D action and platform game mixing two great styles of the video game world: Metroidvanias and Souls-likes. Understand by these terms, that you have to repeatedly explore vast interconnected levels to advance in the story while facing increased difficulty. Dexterity and rigor are imperative to overcome a varied bestiary of enemies, and this, without perishing at the risk of starting all over again from the last and distant save point.

During this adventure, three classes are available to carry out your quest: scouts, archers and mages. Equipped with very different characteristics and skills, choose the one that suits you best to overcome the mystical and ruthless universe of Terragaya.

When everything is pixel-perfect

As demanding as it is visually and musically sublime, “Souldiers” will manage to put your nerves to the test, while giving you the irrepressible desire to come back to continue this journey.

With its high level of requirement, its colorful artistic direction and its long lifespan, this little indie game is a great discovery. Moreover, it is currently available on all platforms for €19.99.