Soundos about Susan Smit: “Inspiration for women who stab other women in the back”

Presenter Zarayda Groenhart announced via an Instagram message that writer Susan Smit will be a guest during the Words That Make Money Summit. Soundos el Ahmadi clearly states under the message that she is not happy with this choice.

Zarayda Groenhart announces via an extensive text that she has invited Susan to the Words That Make Money Summit. “During the Words That Make Money summit, Susan and I will give you the tools to stay true to yourself in building a great legacy. She helps us stop self-censorship and teaches us to speak and write like a Witch,” the post reads.

“I would invite another speaker and cancel this woman”

Soundos reacts fiercely under the message, and advises to invite someone else.

“During Expedition Robinson the year I participated I was hated a lot at first. This was noticeable on Twitter, Instagram etc. People who didn’t know me didn’t understand my humor at first. Fortunately this was temporary. Because it is quite intense when, in addition to the viewer, journalism also participates in this smear. Susan is one of those people who also participated and had tweeted about me being an opportunist after joking around in the jungle after “snaking” with a fellow contestant on camera for a while that we should go back to the group “to get people destroying lives”. This was obvious and funny to me since we’re on a TV show and it’s all not that important. Susan thought that was enough to join the “We Hate Soundos” tweets. I found this very disappointing. Because not long before I saw her at Milkshake festival and she was sad because her husband had left her. She didn’t want to be alone since her friends had to perform and so she was allowed to stay with me and my husband. She had also asked: “Can I please stay with you?”. But of course! We got her a drink and offered a listening ear. Not really ideal if you want to go crazy at a festival, but it’s the right thing to do. We were super sweet. I will never forget that she participated in the smear a few months later and I found it very painful. Susan is an inspiration to women who stab other women in the back. I would invite another speaker and cancel this woman,” Soundos said.

Susan’s Tweet

According to juice channel Reality FBI, it would be the following tweet that Susan posted in 2017: “Celebrities who think they can help their career by working like a nasty, underhanded person through Expedition Robinson. How?”

Presenter Leonie ter Braak then reacts curiously to this: “Who, who, who???”

To which Susan responds: “Something about the intention to ‘make friends’ and then ‘stick knives in your back’.

“A totally different person”

Susan responds to Soundos’ message with the following:

“@(null) I wanted to look back on Twitter to the year you joined, but can’t go beyond 2020. Because I’m 100 percent sure you’ve never been called an opportunist because I don’t think or ever found that at all. I do remember that I posted a tweet (without mentioning your name, I would never do that either) in which I wrote something about that a participant, who goes in pretty hard, still has to fill the halls after such a program to get. I see you as a sweet person and I didn’t see that at all in that program. Just like with my best friend, who participated last year, by the way. The risk of breakdown is enormous.
I remember that festival exactly, and also how very sweet you were. A completely different person than the defense mechanisms that come up with such an intense program. That’s exactly what my amazement was about,” says Susan under Zarayda Groenhart’s Instagram message.

The discussion continues for a while under the Instagram message, but Zarayda says that Susan Smit has still been invited on Monday: “hey Soun, how unfortunate that you have experienced this! I know both of you and my experience with both of you has always been very positive. Susan is our guest on Monday.”