“Sour action” for traffic offenders on Ferihumerstrasse

Media service from: 13.05.2022

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In order to calm traffic on Ferihumerstraße in Urfahr, the city of Linz issued a driving ban, with the exception of local traffic and cyclists, which became legally binding when the corresponding signs were put up at the beginning of May.

For example, a new sign tells road users coming from Friedrichstrasse that they should turn left, with the exception of residents and cyclists. For road users coming from the direction of Wildbergstraße, a sign with the required direction of travel to the left draws their attention. Additional notice boards were also installed on Ferihumerstrasse and on Linke Brückenstrasse. Furthermore, a mobile driving ban was activated at the corner of Ferihumerstrasse and Wildbergstrasse.

“The driving ban has so far been ignored by many road users. Unfortunately, even after the Urfahraner fair week, which is known to be very busy in terms of traffic, not only the entry bans, but also the stopping bans there are still regularly disregarded,” said the Vice Mayor, mobility officer Mag. Martin Hajart fest.

Under the motto “enlightenment instead of punishment”, the population is to be made aware of their traffic violations today, Friday, May 13, with the “action sour”. Those road users who enter Ferihumerstraße without permission will receive a lemon. The drivers who do not break the rules will receive something sweet.

“We want to raise awareness among all road users and draw attention to the driving ban on Ferihumerstrasse, which means that illegal driving will also be punished in the future,” informs Linz City Police Commander Karl Pogutter.

“The corresponding ordinance for the driving ban in Ferihumerstraße is still based on an agreement that was made before I was in office. The next step is to coordinate with Mayor Klaus Luger and Market Advisor Doris Lang-Mayerhofer. The existing plans and the further procedure are being examined in order to find the best possible solutions that will contribute to further traffic calming in Ferihumerstrasse,” said Deputy Mayor Hajart.